Top gun rights group leads effort urging House GOP action following Biden regime’s ban on pistol braces

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Image: Top gun rights group leads effort urging House GOP action following Biden regime’s ban on pistol braces

(Natural News) Gun Owners of America is leading a new effort to press the Republican-led House into action involving the Biden regime’s unconstitutional action banning pistol braces after they were considered legal for decades.

According to a press release dated May 19, GOA “led two coalition letters from the Second Amendment Action Alliance and the No Compromise Alliance to Speaker McCarthy and other members of House leadership urging them to pass a resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act to block the Biden Pistol Brace Ban. The Second Amendment Action Alliance represents numerous online influencers with a combined following of over 30 million viewers. The No Compromise Alliance represents various members within the firearms trade industry. Notably, this is GOA’s largest industry coalition effort to date.”

Starting from June 1st, the Biden administration’s Pistol Brace Ban will be fully implemented, imposing certain requirements on owners of pistol braces. Until that date, owners have the option to either turn in, register, or dispose of their legally owned devices, the GOA’s press release noted further.

However, after the deadline, individuals found in possession of unregistered pistol braces may be subject to felony charges, carrying a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. Researchers estimate that there are approximately 10-40 million pistol braces currently in circulation, the gun rights group added.

“While a resolution of disapproval would likely face a veto from President Biden, it would still force vulnerable Democratic Senators to go on the record as to whether they support turning their own constituents into felons simply for owning one of these braces,” the GOA release said.


“If the resolution passed both chambers of Congress, it would also send a strong message to the judges currently weighing court challenges that argue the ATF went beyond their authority with this rulemaking. Gun Owners of America is co-leading one of the lawsuits challenging the rule with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton,” the release noted further.

Pistol braces are devices that attach to the rear of a pistol and provide additional support and stability. They are designed to be used with one hand, allowing the shooter to maintain control of the firearm while firing. The braces are typically made from polymer or aluminum and feature an adjustable strap that can be tightened to fit the user’s forearm.

Pistol braces have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly among gun enthusiasts and those in the shooting sports community. They offer a number of advantages over traditional pistol grips, including improved accuracy, reduced recoil, and greater control over the firearm.

One of the main benefits of pistol braces is that they allow shooters to fire their pistols more accurately. By providing additional support and stability, they help to reduce muzzle rise and improve shot placement.

Another advantage of pistol braces is that they can help to mitigate the effects of recoil. When firing a pistol, recoil can cause the shooter’s hand to move backwards and upwards, making it more difficult to maintain control of the firearm. By providing additional support and stability, pistol braces help to reduce the impact of recoil and allow the shooter to maintain better control of the firearm.

“When an administration moves to renounce prior guidance and suddenly outlaw tens of millions of lawfully-owned products, Congress must step in and make clear that this is a question for the people’s representatives, not unelected bureaucrats equipped with a pen,” said Erich Pratt, GOA’s senior vice president.

“We urge the House to pass H. J. Res. 44, a resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act to block this rule before its June 1st effective date. Without action, millions of law-abiding citizens stand to become felons overnight,” he added.

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