Charlie Robinson: $2B transgender industry permanently destroying kids

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Image: Charlie Robinson: $2B transgender industry permanently destroying kids

(Natural News) The $2 billion transgender industry is permanently destroying children, according to author and podcaster Charlie Robinson.

“It’s a very big business. It’s a $2 billion industry right now,” he told Mel K during the April 16 edition of her podcast “The Mel K Show.” Robinson also pointed out that the gender reassignment component of transgenderism is set to become a $5 billion industry by the end of the decade.

According to Robinson, a transgender individual will become dependent on drugs such as hormone therapies, which cost about $1,200 a month. “It’s a huge moneymaker,” he said. “On top of that, you start to think about the psychological component, the demoralization and destruction of society from the inside. If you can convince people that they’re born in the wrong body, then you can convince them of anything, really.”

Robinson, who penned the books “The Octopus of Global Control” and “The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire,” said the transition process is far from being fun as it permanently breaks a person physically and psychologically.

He also mentioned that the ideology behind the transgender movement is so disconnected from reality. Based on statistics about the reality of transgenderism that Robinson found, people can expect a 25 percent chance of unemployment; a 30 percent chance of getting addicted to drug and alcohol; a 56 percent chance of contemplating suicide; and a 21 percent chance of actually attempting suicide.

Globalist elites backing transgender movement and other woke groups

Mel K agreed with her guest, saying that there is money behind the transgender movement. She pointed out that the billionaire globalist elites working behind the scenes are bankrolling the transgender movement, Black Lives Matter and other woke groups. These same elites are bullying corporations into supporting these leftist agendas through the concept of diversity, equity and inclusion.


According to Mel K, these people are gaslighting America to make people believe the majority are supporting these leftist ideas. In reality, the elites are deceiving and manipulating public opinion to divide the people.

Robinson, meanwhile, mentioned that the size of the transgender market is only 0.7 percent of the American population – about seven out of a thousand people. This, he added, should not be used as a basis for changing the way a corporation functions and remaking society at large.

Moreover, the author and podcast host said there is definitely money involved whenever corporations or organizations support transgenderism or other woke agenda. (Related: Woke transgender culture is reshaping America’s values with government’s support.)

“So, guess what happened: ‘Get woke, go broke,’ except they’ve got a backdoor here. That’s the problem: They’ve got money available to them if they go woke because the Biden administration allocated a ton of cash for this sort of stuff,” he said. Robinson added that the same concept can also be seen in the renewable energy movement that pushes the green agenda.

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Watch the full conversation between Mel K and Charlie Robinson regarding the transgender movement below.

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