Florida surgeon general: mRNA COVID shots have TERRIBLE safety profile

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Image: Florida surgeon general: mRNA COVID shots have TERRIBLE safety profile

(Natural News) Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo warned that the mRNA Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines have a terrible safety profile, questioning why anybody should be having the shots injected in the first place.

“These vaccines have a terrible safety profile. I’m not sure anyone should be taking them, that is the honest truth,”  he said during a March 16 press conference. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was also in attendance at the press conference that commemorated the beginning of COVID-19 lockdowns three years ago. (Related: FL Surgeon General Ladapo: COVID mRNA vaccines MORE DANGEROUS than any shot used in the US – Brighteon.TV.)

Ladapo also rebuked both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for “denying the truth.” He blasted the two agencies for their “low-value divisive policies,” such as vaccinating children for COVID-19.

He referenced a study published in the Lancet, which found that vaccinated people were at greater risk of contracting COVID-19 than unvaccinated people.

“They showed that after seven months, the protection from an infection started around 70 percent, [then it goes] down, down, down. At seven months, it hops onto the other side of the axis,” Ladapo said. “So, it is negative, and that continues. The magnitude of that negativity increases over time. That is a fact, has the CDC or FDA ever said a word about that? No.”

Back in February, Ladapo issued a health alert on the safety of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines based on data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Statistics from the platform revealed a significant increase in adverse events in the Sunshine State after the mRNA shots were rolled out.


“In Florida alone, there was a 1,700 percent increase in VAERS reports after the release of the COVID-19 vaccine, compared to an increase of 400 percent in overall vaccine administration for the same time period,” the alert stated.

CDC, FDA accuse Ladapo of “fear-mongering”

In response, the CDC and the FDA penned a joint letter to Ladapo accusing the Florida surgeon general of misleading the public on the side effects of the COVID-19 injections.

“Focusing on adverse events in the absence of causal association and without the perspective of countervailing benefits is a great disservice to both individuals and public health,” the agencies wrote. “Like every other medical intervention, there are adverse effects from vaccination. Serious adverse events from COVID-19 vaccines are rare and are far outweighed by the benefits of these vaccines for every age group.”

NaturalHealth365 staff writer Patrick Tims commented on the three-letter agencies’ correspondence.

“The letters ended by noting how severe negative health outcomes from the shot are rare,” he wrote. “However, those willing to venture beyond CNN, MSNBC and other mainstream media channels and news websites are becoming increasingly aware that potentially millions of people have been victimized by Big Pharma’s experimental jabs.”

Ladapo’s office wasted no time in drafting a reply against the two agencies’ accusations. In a statement directly issued to Fox News, Florida health officials noted how the federal government’s insistence on the COVID-19 vaccines being “safe and effective” was a form of gaslighting American taxpayers for nefarious purposes.

Nikki Whiting, communications director for the Florida Department of Health, said in the statement: “The response from the federal government is just another redundant display of the same apathetic talking point of ‘safe and effective.’ Googling their fact sheets would have achieved the same result. While [federal officials] gaslight the American public, Florida pushes for the truth.”

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Watch Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo expound on the mRNA COVID-19 injections’ “terrible safety profile” below.

This video is from the Chinese taking down EVIL CCP channel on Brighteon.com.

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