Dave Blaze calls for end to the STUDENT LOAN racket

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Image: Dave Blaze calls for end to the STUDENT LOAN racket

(Natural News) George Online CEO Dave Blaze called for an end to the college and university student loan racket.

“I think that the whole racket needs to come to an end. The racket is that these colleges and universities that are churning out nothing more than unwitting socialists and communists need to stop obtaining funds through a student,” he told Gene Ho of “About George” during the show’s March 23 episode.

The co-founder of The Blaze Team and Blaze Web Services noted that students going to medical school were spending $60,000 to $90,000 per semester for four years, followed by post-graduate work and residency at a hospital. These students are saddled with education debt and must pay their debt when they get a job offer from a hospital.

“The hospital gives you a contract where you’re going to work at the hospital as a resident doctor, emergency room, whatever it is, and they will pay you a certain salary and so forth. So now you have enough money to pay back, start making payments on your debt to the university. But now also the hospital gets to fully dictate to you their policies,” Blaze explained.

“And you as a physician must follow the hospital’s policies as opposed to maybe making suggestions and prescriptions for the patients that you feel are in the best for that particular patient. You’re not allowed to do that you have to follow the hospital policy or you’re out on your behind. And now you have all that debt to continue to deal with.”

Blaze pointed out that this is the horrible racket the student loans are actually bringing forward. He claimed these colleges and universities are wiping out that debt and starting from scratch. The George Online CEO added that they are getting the money through endowments from former student corporations or government funding and government loans to colleges and universities.


Blaze: People paying their student loans forced into BANKRUPTCY

According to Blaze, the whole college-university student loan thing is a giant money-making racket, and if they want to stay in business they should beg money from corporations, former students, endowments or other ways they could get their funds. He also said these colleges and universities are getting the money because the government funds it.

The Blaze Team and Blaze Web Services co-founder said these people who are paying their student loans are also being forced into bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, program co-host Rachel Writeside Blonde commented she totally disagrees with student loans being forgiven. She pointed out that a college or a high school graduate has a choice between going into the trades, getting a real estate license or going to college. (Related: Shocking number of college students think their student loans will be forgiven.)

The executive managing editor of George Online said they would have to take a training. If they fail at it, no one will come and bail them out because it is a choice that they had made.

According to her, it is a risk that students take to go to college and to pay that money. She noted that American parents are now waking up to the fact that college is not the only option. They are starting to see that the student loan is a kind of scam to get young people to go and spend tens of thousands of dollars they will pay off until they turn 40.

“It’s crazy that people are wanting to get that forgiven,” Writeside Blonde said.

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Watch the March 23 episode of “About George” that discusses student loans below.

This video is from the AMPNews channel on Brighteon.com.

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