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Image: Right Now with Ann Vandersteel: Michele Swinick calls for probe of AZ corruption – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Michele Swinick of “Everything Home” called for an investigation on the corruption in Arizona exposed by investigator Jacqueline Breger during the March 6 episode of “Right Now with Ann Vandersteel” on Brighteon.TV.

Swinick, a former election judge in Arizona’s Maricopa County, said Breger came forward after three and a half years of research and information gathering about the Grand Canyon State’s corruption. The “most explosive” findings of the investigator with the Harris/Thaler Law Corporation were publicly released and included in the preliminary report, which state legislators were furnished a copy of.

According to Breger, former Arizona secretary of state turned State Sen. Ken Bennett sabotaged the election audit. She also named several collaborators involved in the scheme, such as Karen Fann, during the Feb. 23 hearing of the Arizona Legislature’s bicameral election committee. Breger remarked during the hearing that the revelations were a vindication for all of them who had talked about the corruption happening in Arizona for years.

Vandersteel then put in her two cents, saying that Arizonans are now demanding an investigation based on Breger’s Feb. 23 testimony. She added that the Arizona State Senate has plenary power, enabling it to demand things such as an audit. The “Steel Truth” and “The Zelenko Report” host lamented that the audit did not go the way Arizona voters expected it to be.

Arizona officials involved in web of corruption

Vandersteel said during the program that Breger has looked into several people involved in financial crimes and money laundering in Arizona. The investigator based her testimony on the evidence she found: The Sinaloa Cartel was laundering money through deeds, warrants, home purchases, mortgages and more. This money was not only being issued to a lot of people in Arizona, but also to others in 22 states.


Swinick remarked that there is a long list of people involved in the corruption in the Grand Canyon State. She also responded to Vandersteel’s query as to why the Arizona State Legislature refuses to take the issue seriously: “It [exposes] the whole infrastructure of crimes, corruption, racketeering, bribery and election fraud throughout the whole state.”

Incumbent Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs, Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, U.S. Senator for Arizona Kyrsten Sinema are some of the big names included in the list. Also included are three members of the Maricopa Country Board of Supervisors and several judges. Swinick also mentioned that many Arizona mayors are controlled by the Sinaloa Cartel, in partnership with some organizations.

The “Everything Home” host said Arizona State Sens. Sonny Borrelli and Wendy Rogers were not included in the list. However, Swinick lamented that Rogers – chairwoman of the Arizona State Senate’s Elections Committee – chose not to conduct an investigation on the corruption issue. Rogers ironically ran her entire campaign for the past two years on election integrity.

Swinick told Vandersteel that Rogers has the plenary authority and subpoena power to conduct an investigation based on Arizona law.

“Wendy [Rogers] issued a press release saying that she can’t do anything. And that was not the place to present this type of information. Well, it actually is the place to do it and she does have the ability,” she said.

“The job of a committee is to investigate. Their job is to get information and investigate. And now we know that she actually has the subpoena power, according to the law of the state of Arizona.”

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Watch the March 6 episode of “Right Now with Ann Vandersteel” below. “Right Now with Ann Vandersteel” airs Monday to Friday at 8-8:30 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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