Germany halts gas car ban, prompting EU ire and false accusations of “blackmail” against Green Deal and Net Zero agenda

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Image: Germany halts gas car ban, prompting EU ire and false accusations of “blackmail” against Green Deal and Net Zero agenda

(Natural News) The European Union (EU) is fuming over Germany’s recent decision to not ban gas-fueled vehicles like the nation was commanded to do by the globalists in Brussels.

The plan was to force Europe’s economic powerhouse into full compliance with the EU’s so-called “Green Deal,” which aims to achieve “carbon neutrality” – humans are made of carbon and the globalists consider you a pollutant – by the year 2050. That will apparently no longer happen now that Germany has rejected the plan.

“This block is not at the 11th hour or even at the 12th hour,” one EU official complained to Politico about Germany’s decision to keep gas cars in production. “We had a deal, the law was agreed and voted in the European Parliament. If you can’t rely on political agreements anymore, it gets really dangerous.”

(Related: Germany is well aware of the fact that no economy, including its own, can run successfully without a steady supply of cheap and abundant energy from the earth.)

The EU’s Green Deal could collapse entirely if other nations join Germany in rejecting the gas-hating lunatics and their radical green agenda

Because of Germany’s last-minute rejection of the proposal, an official vote on it has reportedly been postponed for a “later council meeting,” the date of which has yet to be announced, according to the Swedish presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Germany’s transportation minister indicated this week that his country will not, in fact, support the EU’s proposed ban on the sale of new combustion engine cars in 2035, which is what the EU is demanding. He also called for assurances that, should the proposal pass, an exemption will be included for synthetic fuels.


The conservative European People’s Party group, the largest bloc in the European Parliament, also opposes the ban and is calling on all other member countries to do the same.

“The ban will prevent innovation and cost thousands of jobs and will lead to the decline of a core European industry,” said Jens Gieseke, the EPP Group lead negotiator on the matter.

The preliminary deal that was reached last year would force automakers to reduce new car emissions by 55 percent in 2030 relative to 2021. They would then have five additional years to completely phase out emissions by the year 2035.

Brussels is hellbent on reaching “net-zero” greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2035. What this really means, of course, is that all emissions are to occur during the highly polluting mining and production process rather than directly from “green” vehicles that run on batteries instead of gas.

Since the deal had already passed through each stage of the Brussels legislative process, including the approval process enacted by member states, others, including French MEP Pascal Canfin, are furious about this disruption to their green agenda.

If other member states join Germany in opposing the gas-fueled vehicle ban, then other elements of the EU’s Green Deal are at risk of not passing. This would potentially kill off the Green Deal entirely, which has the greenies fuming.

“The very spirit of European construction is in danger through this incoherent position,” Canfin whined to AFP.

In the comments, someone wrote concerning the matter:

“So, are we trying to be carbon neutral or are we trying to outlaw what has been the literal engine of technological advancement since the industrial revolution just for sake of being punitive? E-fuels are carbon neutral and use their renewable energy sources to process the fuels. Seems like a winner to me.”

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