Cahlen Lee shares tips on how to detoxify dioxins using food and nutrition

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Image: Cahlen Lee shares tips on how to detoxify dioxins using food and nutrition

(Natural News) Podcaster Cahlen Lee recently shared tips on how to detoxify dioxins in a video posted on his channel.

Lee’s video came following the train disaster and chemical spill that occurred in East Palestine, Ohio. The decision to burn the vinyl chloride that spilled on the ground triggered one of the worst environmental disasters in America as it created dioxins – the most toxic compound mankind has ever created.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), dioxins are persistent organic pollutants – which means they take a long time to break down once they are in the environment. These highly toxic dioxins also negatively impact the immune system, the endocrine system and the reproductive system. Dioxins can also cause cancer with prolonged exposure.

The first and most important thing to do is limiting one’s exposure to dioxins, according to Lee.

“First of all, get out of places where there’s been exposure,” he advised. “Get out of downwind and downstream of all these places. Get really far away – like many hundreds of miles, or probably over thousands of miles – from that place.”

The main exposure to dioxin from animal products is between 95 and 99 percent, given that it starts through the food chain. Eating animal fats or animal products such as milk and eggs increases dioxin exposure, he said. However, people can still be exposed to dioxins by breathing and getting them through the skin.

Things that can help you get rid of dioxins

Lee proceeded to mention four things that can help you to get rid of dioxins. First, indole-3-carbinol found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage has been shown to have an effect on the levels of dioxin in the body. (Related: STUDY: Green vegetables block dioxin uptake.)


Second, chlorella is scientifically shown to to be successful in dealing with dioxins because of the chlorophyll in it. He cited researchers who gave chlorella to a group of people and then measured their dioxin levels. The researchers discovered that chlorella helped reduce the participants’ dioxin levels by 30 percent.

Third, Lee proposed glutathione as helpful in detoxing from dioxins given its role as the most prominent antioxidant and one of the main detoxifiers in the human body. Having a lot of this antioxidant will probably aid in removing dioxin and supporting the immune system.

Fourth, he mentioned the role of activated charcoal in removing dioxins and other poisons from the body. Lee explained: “If you are consuming dioxins, then you may be able to bind them before they get absorbed by the body using activated charcoal.”

Lee also mentioned other substances that can help address dioxins in the body. These include catechins from unfermented green tea, iodine, vitamin E, carotenoids and virgin camel urine.

According to Lee, people who fear ingesting dioxins may drive them to consider veganism. However, he warned that doing so isn’t exactly the healthiest decision.

“[While] I do think it is important … it’s just not the kind of the default mode for most humans right now because almost all of us grew up eating meat. That’s what our bodies are used to,” the podcaster said. “But if you want to be safe from this stuff, for the most part, then don’t eat animal products, Don’t eat anything that has animal fat.” has more stories about ridding the body of lethal dioxins.

Watch Cahlen Lee share tips on how to detoxify from dioxins below.

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