Zelensky has a lookalike bodyguard stunt double – it’s all theater

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Image: Zelensky has a lookalike bodyguard stunt double – it’s all theater

(Natural News) Ukrainian clown-president Volodymyr Zelensky has a stunt double that appears in public sometimes to pretend he is the real Zelensky.

After personally blasting Russian President Vladimir Putin last month for allegedly using a body double to fool the public, Zelensky himself has been caught doing that exact thing with Maksym Doniec, his personal bodyguard since 2019.

The following footage from the Polish media exposes Zelensky as a fraud. You can see his body double, Doniec, appear during fake American president Joe Biden’s recent visit to the corrupt deep state playground:

You will notice that Doniec is wearing the exact same outfit as Zelensky, along with the same logoed sweatshirt, same haircut, same facial hair style, and so on. Apparently, the Polish media caught Doniec in the frame by accident and aired the evidence to the public.

“The footage seems to have been accidental, but it does reinforce the old adage – When the establishment accuses you of doing something, it’s actually a confession of what they are doing,” reported Zero Hedge about the leaked evidence.

(Related: Ukraine is a “welfare queen” state that only exists as it currently does because of laundered United States tax dollars.)

The war in Ukraine is a SHAM to steal your money and future

It truly is a shame that Biden went to pay homage to his master Zelensky at all, especially since the East Palestine, Ohio, train wreck and chemical release occurred days before his surprise visit to Ukraine.


This sham of a war has become a focal point, particularly among Democrats who celebrated Zelensky and Ukraine during the recent State of the Union address by the Pedophile-in-Chief.

On Twitter, someone responded to the leaked Polish footage showing Zelensky’s stunt double by clarifying his opinion that the war is completely fake and “all made up to steal your money.”

“In reality, there are no real tanks or planes – it’s all just cardboard models on a set,” this person alleged. “Look at any war footage and you will see the strings. Follow the money. #truth.”

Interestingly, this comment received many “hearts” and retweets, suggesting others believe the same — that we are not being told the truth about the situation in Ukraine.

Another argued that the war is, in fact, real, including all the deaths being reported. The sham part comes from the continued cash infusions coming from the Biden regime straight to Zelensky’s pockets – while all the while Americans look on and do nothing about it.

“When making a war movie, it’s not uncommon for a leading actor to have a stunt double!” wrote another about Zelensky and his lap dog.

“However, in this fake war, I don’t see the reason for a stunt double because there’s no danger of anything going wrong unless Alex Baldwin’s on the set!” this person further joked.

In the comments on another report about the footage, someone added that with the way things are going, it is only a matter of time before society becomes just like “those dystopian movies where there is some talking-head on a screen that commands us to do stuff or else, and … aww crud … never mind, that’s already here.”

Another recommended a few tips to “start to deconstruct this dystopian movie,” including by turning off all television news, swiping away all political and celebrity talking-heads on social media, and disengaging from the political circus altogether.

“The demons feed on your attention, and then your emotional response,” this same commenter added. “The stronger your emotional reactions, the more energy you give to the demons.”

The latest news about Biden and Zelensky can be found at Treason.news.

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