Women’s SURFING to be taken over by biological males pretending to be women

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Image: Women’s SURFING to be taken over by biological males pretending to be women

(Natural News) The World Surf League is now allowing biological men pretending to be “women” to compete against actual women. And professional surfer Bethany Hamilton is not happy about it.

The famed athlete, who overcame great obstacles to even be able to compete herself, says she is not about to let men with mental illness to invade her sport and tear it away from her and other actually female surfers who are being robbed of victories by the trans cult.

In 2003, Hamilton showed the world what a fighter looks like when she overcame a shark attack that left her without an arm. She worked really hard and was eventually able to resume competition and go on to win first place in the NSSA National Competition just one year after her injury.

Hamilton’s story was at the center of the 2011 film “Soul Surfer,” which skyrocketed her career to “international role model” status. Now a motivational speaker as well, Hamilton is once again taking to the world stage to decry the transgender invasion of sports.

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No, men cannot turn into women (or vice versa)

When the World Surf League recently announced that fake “women” who are actually men can now surf against real women, Hamilton immediately spoke out against it and threatened to stop competing herself unless the group reverses this new policy.

“I strive to have love for all of mankind regardless of any differences,” Hamilton said. “But this concerns me as a professional athlete that has been competing in the World Surf League events for the past 15 plus years.”

“And I feel that I must speak up and stand up for those in [a] position that may feel they cannot say something about this. I think many of the girls currently on tour are not in support [of] this new rule, and they fear being ostracized if they speak up.”


Before imposing this drastic new policy change, the World Surf League should have first checked with Hamilton and other female professional surfers to see how they feel about competing against men.

Hamilton questions the World Surf League’s assessment that a person’s hormone levels, artificial or otherwise, are an “honest and accurate depiction that someone is indeed … a male or female.”

According to the World Surf League, any man who agrees to undergo at least 12 months of testosterone testing can participate in professional surfing as a “female.” Hamilton wants to know how this was decided – and more importantly why it was decided.

“Who is pushing for this huge change?” Hamilton wants to know. “Does this better the sport of surfing? Is this better for the women in surfing? If so, how?”

“My hope is that if I ever have a daughter who is competing in surfing or any sport … to have a bright and promising opportunity in her ambition to be the best of the best woman in her sport. I personally won’t be competing in or supporting the World Surf League if this rule remains.”

In the comment section, someone pointed out that if all female athletes everywhere would take Hamilton’s stance, “it may have a chance of shutting down the freak show.”

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