INDOCTRINATION: Woman coaches young BOY to identify as a GIRL

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Image: INDOCTRINATION: Woman coaches young BOY to identify as a GIRL

(Natural News) A video clip that went viral on social media showed a woman coaching a young boy to identify as a girl.

The short clip featured a boy named Evan, who is estimated to be about three or four years old. Evan was dressed in a pink, sparkly cheerleader outfit while an unidentified woman was recording him. She then asked Evan if he feels like a boy or a girl, to which he replies that he feels like a girl.

Further pressing, the woman forced Evan to say that boys are “nasty” and “gross” because “they’re not pretty.” After stating how he feels more like a girl, the woman stroked his long hair and reiterated how he feels – to which the boy agreed.

“Evan has not stated he identifies as trans, but he has stated he does not identify solely as a boy,” the video’s subtext stated. It also mentioned that the video sought to educate and remind people of how important support and acceptance are for LGBT youth.

Canadian activist Mia Ashton put in her two cents on the issue in a piece for the Post Millennial. She wrote: “The adult in this video seems to advocate for telling boys who like pink and sparkles that they can be girls. Within trans activism, there are numerous high-profile examples of young boys being socially transitioned to girls and set on a pathway toward medical intervention at puberty.”

Human Events columnist Adam Coleman, however, said the issue involved a form of Munchausen’s syndrome. The syndrome is defined as a mental illness in which a person fakes or induces illness in a second person to receive attention and sympathy. Coleman called the video an example of “Munchausen by progressive” in a tweet.


UK parents raise their young girl as a boy

Instances of children being coached to accept transgenderism such as the one with Evan are not only limited to the United States. In the United Kingdom, two parents took it a step further by actually raising their daughter as a boy.

Back in June 2022, LifeSiteNews reported on the issue – first raised by the Libs of TikTok. A video posted by the Twitter account featured Matthew Stubbings and Klara Jeynes, who had twin four-year-old children that time. The British couple shared their decision to raise Emerald, who was born in 2018 alongside her male twin sibling Arlo, as a boy named “Stormy.”

“The first time I realized that ‘Stormy’ wanted to identify as male was about roughly two and a half [years of age]. It’s not really that ‘he’ said ‘I want to be a boy’; [it was] ‘I am a boy,’ and that is the difference,” Jeynes said. “Now [the twins are] four years old, and they identify as two boys.” (Related: UK couple raising daughter as a BOY after she “expressed” desire to be one at age 2.)

“Before I had children, and certainly before the last couple of years, I would have thought this whole thing was ridiculous,” Stubbings said. “I would have watched me and said: ‘You’re crazy; you’re making it up. You’re abusing a child.'”

“There was that point that I thought this isn’t just a phase. It’s not a little girl we’re looking at here. It’s a little boy.”

According to Stubbings, Stormy started “being unhappy” and eventually became “genuinely upset” whenever “he” wore articles of clothing meant for girls. He added that “hair clips were a big no-no.”

The girl’s mother revealed that she asks Stormy every day if she still wants to be a boy, adding that she does not want her daughter to feel “trapped” in the role of the opposite sex.

Watch Kevin and Keith Hodge, also known as the Hodgetwins, discuss this video of a mother coaching her daughter about identifying as a boy.

This video is from the Chapman84 channel on

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