The TRANS movement is a Jonestown-style CULT that has invaded and infected every pillar of society

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Image: The TRANS movement is a Jonestown-style CULT that has invaded and infected every pillar of society

(Natural News) In 1978, nearly 1,000 members of a crazed cult killed themselves in a mass suicide ritual with their leader and preacher Jim Jones. The cult leader Jones originated his Peoples Temple (church) in Indianapolis in the 1950s, then moved his congregation to northern California a decade later, and finally ending up settling in (the jungle of) Guyana, a small nation in South America, just east of Venezuela and Columbia. The Peoples Temple was comprised of a diverse group of members and the church offered drug rehabilitation services, plus donated to charitable causes, promoting messages of social equality and racial justice, so at first glance, the cult seemed harmless and helpful. Over time, the cult became brainwashed enough to follow Jones’ orders to ingest punch laced with sedatives and cyanide. Today, the trans-everything movement has very eerie similarities, but the “poison” they are ingesting comes in several other forms. Time to take a deep dive into the parallels.

Jones promised a socialist utopia for his brainwashed cult in Guyana, just like the Democrats promise a socialist utopia for gender-confused youth today

The “paradise” that cult leader and drug addict Jim Jones promised his followers turned out to be a self-inflicted death sentence, but that took time and some well-planned brainwashing through fear-based indoctrination. The temple members, once they got settled in the Guyana, were forced by Jones to work gruelingly long days in the fields and suffered cruel punishments whenever they questioned his authority. Jones confiscated their passports and they suffered from diseases in the tropics. Members were told to sell out their fellow members who broke rules, cheated, lied, or defied Jones’ authority. All of their communications, including phone calls and letters, were strictly monitored and censored. Jones also claimed outsiders and the media were out to destroy him. Does this all sound familiar?


Today’s trans-cult of fanatical youth are brainwashed into self-mutilation, perversions, and identity confusion, like a national-sized Jonestown cult

Today’s youth find themselves addicted to social media, isolating themselves from having real friends and healthy social interactions to foster a normal life. The insane Leftist reign of terror and extreme Liberalism has millions of young people, ranging from children to teens to young adults, believing they have NO gender, and should engage in horrible acts of self-mutilation to their genitals (which can result in infertility and/or permanent damage to urination capabilities) and breasts, and take dangerous, cancer-causing hormone drugs to supposedly “switch” genders. This is also called “grooming.”

These young folks are also brainwashed to believe everyone outside of this cult hates them with a passion and is their enemy. They are taught to be intolerant of these so-called bigots, racists, and gay-bashers. This is all part of the “identity transformation” that is a hallmark of almost every extremist cult.

Today, gender dysphoria leads to millions of youth getting brainwashed into having surgery that permanently mutilates their genitals. Many of these victims then consider themselves to be agender, bigender, cisgender, gender fluid, gender queer, non-binary, or transgender, even though their biological gender remains the same. Thousands of these gender-confused people suffer from severe depression and regret, and then commit suicide.

These gender-confused youngsters communicate mainly on their smart devices, via social media and texting, where ALL of their conversations, messages, posts, blogs, comments, and videos are strictly monitored, influenced, and censored by Big Tech, Big Government, and the Far Left. Again, does this all sound familiar? All of this perverted indoctrination is also taking over the liberal-run school systems, from elementary level all the way up through college.

The death toll at Jonestown included over 300 children. About 33 people escaped, including Jones’ sons, before the mass-suicide ritual took place, after which Jones shot himself in the head. Today, the perverted trans-everything, gender fluid movement is led by perverted, drug-abusing freaks that are pedophiles and genocidal maniacs. It’s all part of the bigger population reduction agenda, and it’s a mass-suicide cult, on a grand scale. They’re all “drinking the poison Kool-aid” and it’s in the form of gender-bender drugs, genitalia mutilation surgery, and perverted, narcissistic sex-thinking 24/7/365.

Tune your internet dial to for updates on the communist Biden Regime influencing the whole country to cut off their balls and breasts in the name of gender fluidity.

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