Brandon Straka: Democrats have no boundaries when they decide to destroy people

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Image: Brandon Straka: Democrats have no boundaries when they decide to destroy people

(Natural News) Brandon Straka, the founder of the #WalkAway Campaign, revealed that the Democratic Party has no boundaries when it decides to destroy people.

“They have no boundaries when they make a decision that they want to destroy someone, the people around them, their children, their spouses, their businesses or their relatives,” he said during a Jan. 20 appearance on “The Jeff Dornik Show.”

Straka told podcast host Jeff Dornik that the Democrats have also come after his parents, relatives and friends. He continued: “They seem to have absolutely no qualms about destroying not only the people that they consider to be Public Enemy No. 1, but anyone within proximity of that person as well.”

Anyone who leaves the party and speaks out against it, just like what Straka did in 2018, becomes Public Enemy No. 1. The liberal-turned-conservative admitted that the Democrats going after him became extremely destructive to his life. (Related: Democratic Party moved from uncomfortable to intolerable for members: #WalkAway founder.)

Straka expressed hope that the Republican Party will someday have the energy that allows Americans to have an equal and opposite reaction when things like this happen. However, he also realized and accepted during the course of his ordeal that when people like him are in trouble, they cannot count on the GOP to have their back.

“Don’t believe that you have a safety net. Don’t believe that anyone’s going to throw you a life preserver. No matter how much work you’ve done to support this party, to support the former president [Trump], to support the American voter – when the Democrats come after you, you’re on your own,” Straka said.


Straka mentioned the Democrats were able to get away with what they have done to him and the patriots involved during the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol siege. He also lamented the fact that their family members are also going through hardships.

Dornik: It’s going to come down to ideology

According to the podcast host, things are going to come down to one side defeating the other from a cultural standpoint.

“It’s going to come down to ideology. It’s going to come down to which side can convince more people than the other side that our belief system, our worldview, is correct, and that we have these particular American principles that allow for tolerance, allow for free speech, where we may disagree with each other, but we’re going to recognize each other’s humanity,” Dornik said.

“We’re going to recognize each other that we have the right to disagree, and we’re not going to hate each other for it.”

Straka then recounted that back when he started the #WalkAway movement in 2018, he created a testimonial campaign that allowed space for people to come together and build a community where they could tell their stories about why they were feeling pushed away from the political left. Those who had done their own homework, research and journey of information were also warmly welcomed.

This journey, he said, had led Americans to feel like they could no longer support the Democratic Party.

“We provided a place for people to come together, to support each other, to appreciate each other no matter where we fall on the political spectrum. This was never a Republican movement or a pro-Trump movement. It was really just a movement of people to come together, support each other and appreciate each other. And we don’t really care if you’re an independent, libertarian or Republican, or if you do or don’t support Trump, it’s not important,” Straka explained.

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Watch Brandon Straka’s Jan. 20 interview on “The Jeff Dornik Show” below.

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