POLITICAL THEATER: Greta Thunberg’s “arrest” in Germany was FAKE

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Image: POLITICAL THEATER: Greta Thunberg’s “arrest” in Germany was FAKE

(Natural News) The poster child for new-wave climate fanaticism, Greta Thunberg is back in the news – this time a whole lot plumper – for being arrested in Germany during a coal mining protest in Lützerath. And as usual, the whole thing looked staged and fake just like climate change and global warming.

A noticeably bigger Greta, who appears to have really let herself go since her initial debut on the world stage, was seen being hauled off – feet in air for dramatic effect – by police officers while she smiled and posed, along with her captors, for the reporters’ cameras – watch the cringeworthy scene below:

As you can see, the incident looks like it took place on a movie set, which is what most of the “news” is these days, to be fair. But it is not every day that we get the kind of behind-the-scenes look at the synthetic drama that we did with Greta’s recent “detainment.”

At least three officers were present to arrest Greta while she laughed alongside the “journalists” who were there to capture it all on tape. For the cameras, the officers lifted Greta in the air to make it look like a struggle took place. Afterwards, they put Greta back down and walked peacefully with her out of view.

Strangely, Greta was given an “identity check,” even though it was obvious the entire time who she was, before being released. This would explain why Greta smiled the entire time and did not look at all worried about being “arrested” – because she knew, just like we now know, that the whole thing was fake.


Why was Greta protesting coal at a time when Germans are freezing due to lack of energy?

The version of Greta’s “arrest” that most of the world was shown might have seemed real apart from the clip shared by Ian Miles Cheong and others across Twitter. But the cat is now out of the bag concerning the cringeworthy fakeness of the incident.

It is also strange timing for Greta to even be making another debut in the news, especially in protest of coal. Were it not for coal, Germany would be freezing and in the dark, especially since Russian gas is no longer flowing to the country which is in desperate need of energy.

Leave it to Greta to call for an end to something that is saving lives right now, all while she hams it up with the authorities and treks around in a Tesla, given to her by Arnold Schwarzenegger, full of plastic waste and junk food wrappers, earning her the title of “Hypocrite of the Year” in 2019.

Thankfully for Greta, she likely does not have to worry much about skyrocketing energy inflation because she is well taken care of by the powers that be who pull her strings. Unfortunately for the average German, Greta’s anti-coal agenda threatens to freeze and starve their families if she gets her way.

“Greta is a con artist of the worst kind,” wrote a commenter about her staged arrest.

“Symbolism over substance, as Rush said so well,” said another, referring to statements made by the late Rush Limbaugh about Greta’s plastic activism.

“Born with one chromosome too many and a silver spoon in her mouth,” wrote another, adding that “everything they do is a stage and an act.”

“This is another publicity stunt just like the time Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was hauled off in handcuffs while she giggled,” said someone else.

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