NO WAY the outcome will be anything different: Russia will accomplish its objectives in Ukraine, says military analyst Scott Ritter

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Image: NO WAY the outcome will be anything different: Russia will accomplish its objectives in Ukraine, says military analyst Scott Ritter

(Natural News) Russia will accomplish its objectives in Ukraine, according to military analyst Scott Ritter.

“The Russians have said, and they’ve come out again and said the same thing. This war doesn’t end until Russia’s objectives are accomplished. And Russia has two primary objectives: demilitarization and denazification,” Ritter said.

The former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer pointed out that demilitarization is getting ready to occur right now with the expanded war designed to destroy Ukraine’s ability to continue fighting. (Related: The Ukrainian conflict is a U.S./NATO proxy war, but one which Russia is poised to win decisively – Scott Ritter.)

Ritter stressed that there is no way the outcome will be anything different than that and people are going to see the collapse of Ukraine’s ability to wage war. He added that the denazification is going to happen following the destruction of Ukraine.

“Russia is going to do this through its strategic air campaign, which will destroy Ukraine’s ability to survive as a nation,” Ritter said.

The military analyst said the destruction of Ukraine will culminate with the eventual collapse of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s regime. Ritter noted that the Russians are seeking to collapse Ukraine and get a new government in place, which will no longer have the support of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

“Ukraine will be compelled to accept unconditional terms of surrender dictated by Russia,” Ritter said.


He also mentioned the changes in the Russian military leadership, with General Valery Gerasimov now leading the special military operation in Ukraine. Named as deputies of Gerasimov are Deputy Chief of General Staff Colonel General Alexei Kim, Aerospace Forces Commander General Sergey Surovikin and Russian Ground Forces Commander-in-Chief Oleg Salyukov.

Surovikin, who was the former head of the special military operation before being replaced by Gerasimov, was given some sort of consolidated command over the special military operation. Ritter said Surovikin used limited resources, but was able to destroy the Ukrainian economy.

Russia is bringing in 300,000 troops

According to Ritter, Russia is about to bring in 300,000 troops to expand the scope and scale of the conflict.

He warned that Russia will wage a kind of war that Ukraine and NATO are not prepared to deal with. “Russia has expanded its staff capacity to wage war that is no longer a limited special military operation,” he said.

But NATO is not going to just roll over and die. Ritter mentioned that Poland is mobilizing its reserves to train 300,000 and build a new armored division and probably another one later.

“A lot of people are saying that Poland is preparing to launch an offensive strike into to seize Western Ukraine,” Ritter said. The military analyst believes Poland has been set up by NATO to do this.

Ritter pointed out that NATO can go to war under two circumstances, which is under Articles Five and Four of the NATO treaty.

Article Five is about the principle of collective defense, which means an attack against one ally is considered an attack against all allies. Ritter noted that NATO is often going to war under Article Four, which says that NATO nations can convene a session and say that a threat exists to their security that could require their collective response.

He cited Libya, Serbia, Afghanistan, among others as Article Four interventions of NATO.

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