Migrant gangs are blowing up ATMs in Germany at record pace

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Image: Migrant gangs are blowing up ATMs in Germany at record pace

(Natural News) Organized demolition gangs mostly made up of Moroccan migrants have blown up 500 automated teller machines (ATM) in Germany in 2022 – a new record. In comparison, 414 terminals were attacked in 2020 and 381 in 2021.

Cash is still a popular mode of trade in Germany, so banks have to address the demand for physical currency. They operate nearly 100,000 cash-dispensing machines throughout the nation that routinely contain between €50,000 ($53,965) and €100,000 ($107,930).

Organized criminal groups have taken advantage of this, meticulously planning their operations from initial surveillance to demolition and the getaway. News website REMIX reported that migrant gangs have been blowing up these banks and destroying entire buildings. In some cases, they have blown bank vault doors up to 30 meters away. Police say the danger facing Germans is unprecedented as many of these banks are located in residential buildings.

The record-high cases have prompted Germany’s interior ministry to hold high-level meetings.

Authorities said the gangs are most active in the west of Germany, with North-Rhine Westphalia and Lower Saxony as the most popular targets. They attack banks close to major motorways for a quick getaway, with most banks targeted in the early morning hours when the roads are mostly empty.

According to reports, in a robbery case near the small town of Heusenstamm in Hesse, the gang doused garbage bins in gasoline and set them on fire in the middle of the road to block both lanes of traffic. This roadblock would later hinder the police from pursuing the getaway vehicle.


Two men wearing face masks and tracksuits were filmed breaking open the ATM’s cash slots and then using a hose to fill the machine with acetylene and oxygen. Another robber, who was in a BMW 320d behind the bank, detonated the bomb.

The men worked “with the precision and speed of a racing team at a pit stop,” according to the German daily newspaper Die Welt.

Explosions have been rocking the country almost nightly. Some attacks already led residents to evacuate from their homes. Videos of explosions on buildings, supermarkets and other public spaces routinely run on German news.

“It’s a miracle that there haven’t been any deaths yet,” said Swen Eigenbrodt, the lead investigator of a special new unit in the Hessian State Criminal Police Office (LKA).

Gang boss sets up training school for bank heists

Dutch criminologist Cyrille Fijnaut has been looking into these ATM blowing-up crews for 20 years and actively advises the Dutch government. According to him, the criminal group consists of about 200 to 400 young men, most of them with Moroccan roots. (Related: Dutch Police Union head: The Netherlands is now a NARCO-STATE with a parallel economy.)

A few years ago, one of the top gang bosses set up his own training center for ATM demolition crews. He rented out a factory building, ordered discarded ATMs online and began training members in what served as a sort of school for gang members.

Vito Shukrula, a famed Dutch defense lawyer, said these types of robbery operations are actually used as “seed” money to enter into the Dutch cocaine trade. He described it as “easy money” for these teams.

The news portal previously reported that the “Moroccan mafia” earns billions in revenue every year from the drug trade in the Netherlands. The criminal group has assassinated not only rivals but also state witnesses and even journalists.

The group has become so feared that 18-year-old Dutch Princess Amalia went into hiding over credible kidnapping and assassination threats just months ago. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has also beefed up his security due to threats from the group.

Watch the video below that talks about a Texan rapper who rapped about robbing ATM and got arrested for robbing a Tennessee cash terminal.

This video is from the zolnareport.com channel on Brighteon.com.

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