There are two American governments: the visible one and the SECRET one, says Gen. Flynn

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Image: There are two American governments: the visible one and the SECRET one, says Gen. Flynn

(Natural News) You have probably never heard of it, but there is a parallel Supreme Court, of sorts, called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) that General Michael Flynn warns is operating “in almost total secrecy.”

A judicial panel that oversees American intelligence agencies in surveillance matters involving American citizens living in the United States, FISC first came on the public’s radar during the investigation that was launched against the 2016 campaign of former President Donald Trump.

FISC’s involvement in that investigation helped produce the falsified information that was used by the FBI to illegally surveil the Trump campaign. This led to the “Russia collusion” allegations that ultimately cost Flynn his position as national security adviser at the start of the Trump administration.

“In the coming months, among other serious problems (& there are many), we are going to learn the FISC has become a parallel Supreme Court but operates in almost total secrecy,” Flynn tweeted in a five-part series about the shadowy group. (Related: Learn more about how to fight back against deep state tyranny through jury nullification.)

Flynn wants to see more Frank Church-type representatives take a stand against deep state spying and surveillance of Americans

FISC operates as a type of secret police, Flynn further insinuated with a quote from former Sen. Frank Church (D-Id.), who back in the 1970s said that “hiding evil is the trademark of a totalitarian government.” Church further stated that:


“There is no more pernicious threat to a free society than a secret police … operating beyond the law … if these abuses had not been uncovered and had the agencies gone unchecked, we might well have seen a secret police develop in the United States. Once that begins, the Constitution is in very real danger.”

It turns out that Church was right, and his warnings came true. At the dawn of the year 2023, technological advancements, among other things, have allowed the federal bureaucracy to massively expand – its tentacles now reaching into every crevice of American life.

With that has come the progressive creep of deep state corruption, which was on full display after Trump launched his run for the presidency. Every dirty trick in the book was used to derail his administration, as well as probe those connected to it.

Everyday Americans have also lost their right to privacy as the federal behemoth has grown to such great proportions that the Fourth Amendment barely even exists anymore.

During his heyday, Sen. Church led the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Activities into deep work uncovering government spying operations on Americans. Flynn would love to see another “Church-like” committee form today to do the same type of thing. He wants there to be serious reforms to America’s intelligence agencies, or else the complete disbanding of all of them.

Flynn concluded his Twitter series by stating that Americans need to “demand fully compliance & accountability” from what he described as “an increasingly rogue security state ‘shadow government.'”

The hope is that newly elected representatives will have the “moral fiber, integrity & guts to call out & then do the right thing,” Flynn says.

“Doing the right thing is really hard. America has sacrificed so much for so many, our fallen & our founders deserve the city on the hill to shine once again!”

“Roberts selected all judges on the FISC,” wrote a commenter about the matter. “That is a problem. That court is not merely a shadow. It would seem to be more powerful when it can accept lies to allow illegal investigations to continue.”

“In the meantime, SCOTUS won’t even hear real and legally gathered evidence of voter fraud, suppression and other manipulations of rigged elections.”

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