Social media is the JUNK FOOD of human connection: Looks and feels like connection, but leaves you empty, just like junk food

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Image: Social media is the JUNK FOOD of human connection: Looks and feels like connection, but leaves you empty, just like junk food

(Natural News) Today, most children and teens have limited social skills and a warped view of society in general, thanks to the lies and deception purported by every major social media platform available. Just as the kids, teens, and young adults who were raised on fast food, soda, and junk science snacks are the ones who mainly suffer from horrific yet preventable diseases, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity, the newer generations suffer from a “junk” diet of misinformation and perverted, warped sex and violence (think BLM and Antifa) influences on social media. In fact, social media is where most kids and teens get 90 percent or more of their information from their peers, idols, and (cancel) culture icons.

What’s worse is that all healthy, moral, ethical, meaningful, and honest information about society, fashion, relationships, politics, health, and Covid is censored to mislead today’s youth down rabbit holes that lead to decay, corruption, and even death.

Social Media is to relationships as junk food is to nutrition – less than worthless and empty of value

As Elon Musk is proving, with his new ownership of Twitter, most “friends” and “followers” on social media platforms are often just ‘bots’ – in other words, they are fake, computer-generated accounts that are created and maintained to make real people believe that they are liked, followed, and that social media is important to their daily lives. These bots also make it appear that certain news is way more relevant or popular than it really is. This would include news about transgender-everything, where kids and teens are influenced to think it’s normal and popular to want to change genders by taking dangerous, cancer-inducing hormone drugs and get irreversible gender-bender surgeries that can lead to depression, libido-damage, infertility, and suicide.


That’s why social media is to relationships and morals as junk food is to health, because it wrecks the mind and body with false-influences and decaying ‘trends.’ Even the US government and its regulatory agencies have their hands deeply entrenched in social media influence, as they try to turn America into a communist, in-fighting, race-baiting and hating land where the youth all think that voting for more Democrats will help their plight. It’s more of a blight.

Junk science and junk media influences youth and young adults to make bad choices on where they put their money, energy, and votes

We also see social media at the forefront of hoax movements that are bad for our planet and environment, like global warming or “climate change.” Social media is a leader in misinformation when it comes to protecting the environment, agriculture, clean food, and sustainable energy sources for the economy.

Just as you can’t live too long eating only junk food and fast food, the environment cannot be sustained on junk information that leads to bad choices, like thinking electric cars and solar-powered agricultural machines are the ‘wave’ of the future. All of this is still based off fossil fuel use and could take a century to switch over, if that’s even possible.

Then there’s junk news, such as about politics. Social media is chock full of lies about the Trump-Russia collusion from 2016 to 2020, and the war in Ukraine right now, and the war on drugs, and cancer, and Covid, and the list goes on. Social media is a huge wrecking ball that’s destroying the minds, bodies, and morals of kids, teens, and young adults today. We need more billionaires like Elon Musk to buy out these platforms, reveal the fraud, and start anew.

Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news, including natural health news, that’s being censored from all of social media as you read this.

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