German authorities arrest Iranian immigrant for allegedly planning chemical weapons attack

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Image: German authorities arrest Iranian immigrant for allegedly planning chemical weapons attack

(Natural News) Another day, another Middle Eastern migrant was arrested in a European country for allegedly plotting an act of terrorism.

According to Remix News, German police detained a “32-year-old Iranian national on Sunday in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia on suspicion of planning an Islamist terror attack using biological weapons.”

In a joint statement on Sunday, Munster police and the prosecutors’ office in Dusseldorf noted that the male arrested is “suspected of having prepared a serious act of violence that endangers the state by procuring cyanide and ricin to commit an Islamist-motivated attack.”

Both substances are toxic and/or deadly, and there is no none antidote for the latter. Although Remix News referred to these as “biological weapons,” they are actually chemical weapons. Biological weapons refers to self-reproducing pathogenic weapon systems such as weaponized Ebola.

The report noted further:

Investigators are understood to have searched a residential home in the town of Castrop-Rauxel for the toxic substances. Authorities found no evidence of the substances in question on the property. Authorities cordoned off a perimeter around the suspect’s apartment building as heavily armed police wearing protective suits were deployed at the site.

A second person, also of Iranian nationality according to German tabloid Bild, was detained during the operation, with photographs showing one suspect being escorted away from the premises dressed only in his boxer shorts.

German authorities were tipped off about the potential act of terrorism on their soil by the FBI which, for a change, was not busy conducting false flag attacks on the U.S. Capitol Building and blaming President Donald Trump’s supporters, or setting up fake kidnapping plots involving Democratic governors. The FBI reportedly managed to intercept a chat message posted by the suspect, who authorities say is an Islamic State sympathizer.


“It remains unclear how much progress had been made on the planned attack, or what the intended target was,” Remix News reported. “The main suspect is expected to be presented before an investigating judge in the coming days and will likely be under pre-trial detention, according to a police statement. The offenses involved are punishable in Germany by up to 10 years’ imprisonment.”

The Iranian man’s arrest comes after French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin claimed in a statement last week that the New Year’s Eve celebrations took place around the country “without any major incidents,” despite the fact that scores of ‘incidents’ of violence, in Muslim migrant-heavy sections of France, were posted on social media.

What’s more, French authorities were expecting problems, having mobilized tens of thousands of police and riot personnel to handle what everyone obviously knew was coming.

In a separate report, Remix News pointed out that “there were riots in several French cities, almost 700 cars were set on fire, and nearly 500 people were arrested on New Year’s Eve in France.”

“The French authorities were on high alert for the end of the year, with 90,000 police officers and gendarmes mobilized across the country for New Year’s Eve, according to a statement by Darmanin,” the report said. “The French politician also pointed out that New Year’s Eve 2023 showed a historic improvement in the number of vehicles set on fire, with “only” 690 cars burned nationwide.”

Darmanin was widely mocked online for his patently false and misleading propaganda.

In Nantes, for instance, rioters set ablaze several cars on New Year’s Eve and also attacked police and firefighters with high-explosive fireworks. Many of the attacks were caught on video and posted to social media.

A translation of the tweet says: “New Year’s Eve stirs at #Nantes . After a first car burned in the Halvêque district around 10 p.m., three vehicles were on fire at 11 p.m. opposite the Sillon de Bretagne. Firefighters and police greeted by fireworks mortar fire.”

The tweet, translated, says: “While @GDarmanin is at winter sports in Mayotte, the city of Bordeaux fell into the hands of scum for this night of December 31.”

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