Ex-editor of The Atlantic says Twitter Files are “a much bigger deal than many realize”

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Image: Ex-editor of The Atlantic says Twitter Files are “a much bigger deal than many realize”

(Natural News) In a series of tweets, Benjamin Carlson, former editor of The Atlantic, outlined seven key takeaways from the Twitter Files revelations that show just how important they are to our understanding of the world in 2023.

For one, the Twitter Files have changed history. What many thought were established facts about covid, for instance, are now the subject of much debate because of what has been revealed.

We now know that covid was an inside job, and that those who perpetrated it used Twitter and other social media platforms to control the official story. We also know that Hunter Biden’s laptop was full of damning information that likewise was blocked from spreading online.

Donald Trump also said too much, which is why he, too, was silenced and stopped from tweeting. All of this illustrates that the free flow of information and open debate were halted on Twitter, which had “real consequences,” according to Carlson.

It was also revealed that much of what was dubbed a “conspiracy theory” turned out to be conspiracy fact. The FBI was, it turns out, colluding with Twitter to shut down the conversation on numerous sensitive issues, including covid and the Biden Crime Family.

“Blacklists & shadow bans were real,” Carlson says. “U.S. intel lobbied to censor accounts … Covid-19 convo heavily manipulated … Twitter rules changed & enforced by whim”. (Related: Twitter also censors critics of Big Pharma.)

Big Tech is basically just Big Government in disguise

Much of the censorship taking place on Twitter is being orchestrated by three-letter government agencies, the Twitter Files further reveal. And the excuse is that such censorship is necessary in order to promote and preserve “safety” in society.


Twitter actually redefined “safety, harm, and violence” in its policies to apply to ideas, meaning certain topics were deemed off limits because they might cause “harm.”

Opinions and information deemed “unsafe” was systematically silenced on Twitter, as were jokes, memes, and even just honest questions about, for example, the true origin of covid.

The FBI was so committed to keeping a lid on these and other topics that it created an 80-person staff to infiltrate Twitter’s ranks and keep a constant eye on speech. “Unsafe” accounts were flagged and punished while those pushing the accepted narrative were promoted to the forefront.

As all this was happening, social media executives lied both to the public and under oath to Congress. They claimed that Twitter was open to everyone, and that everyone who uses it is treated equally – which is not the case.

At the top of the pyramid are three or maybe four individuals who are calling all the shots, the Twitter Files also reveal. These individuals were later replaced by Elon Musk when he took over the platform.

Prior to this, Twitter employees had staged an insurrection, of sorts, that led to Trump being banned; widespread censorship of covid conversations; and a massive increase in user bans throughout 2021 and 2022.

Since dropping the Twitter files, Musk has become enemy number one in the eyes of those whose misdeeds are now in full view for the world to see. Carlson urges Musk to “watch out” because they will likely be after him for what he has done.

“Twitter protects and facilitates propaganda networks,” Carlson tweeted, noting that various military psychological operations (psyops) ran rampant on the platform.

“The confirmation of involvement of U.S. intelligence apparatus is the most striking,” Carlson further added about what he believes is the most damning aspect of the Twitter Files.

The latest news about social media’s opposition to free speech can be found at Censorship.news.

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