Perverted and predatory LGBTQ compliance ratings coming to public schools, thanks to the CDC

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Image: Perverted and predatory LGBTQ compliance ratings coming to public schools, thanks to the CDC

(Natural News) Over the past three years, the predatory Centers for Disease Control (CDC) challenged parental rights in a way that mocked the father and subjugated the mother. The CDC aggressively damaged the minds of youth with bodily mandates and mental illnesses, while permanently injuring children with needless experiments. Their latest act of malice towards children is pushing LGBTQ causes in public (government) schools and confusing children about their gender, emotions, and identity.

CDC deploys sick, perverted brainwashing social compliance measures into public schools

To do this, the CDC is deploying a “self-assessment tool” that urges all teachers, administrators and school health staff to promote perverted, deviant sexual behaviors to schoolchildren. This “self-assessment tool” is like a social credit score that gauges each school’s compliance level to LGBTQ propaganda. It appears on the CDC’s youth website in a section “For Schools” and is located under the drop-down tab “Tools for Supporting LGBTQ Youth.”

The document, originally published in October of 2020, cites multiple LGBTQ activist groups and calls on school administrators to increase their school’s LGBTQ inclusivity score by promoting sexual agendas to children. The CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health wrote: “School administrators: Our LGBTQ inclusivity self-assessment tool can help you quickly gauge inclusivity at your school. See your score today and learn ways to increase inclusivity.”

“Schools play a critical role in supporting the health and academic development of all youth, including the success of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) youth,” the document states. “Creating and sustaining inclusive school environments, policies, programs, and practices that include LGBTQ youth is one strategy for improving the health and academic success of all youth.”


An assessment is provided for administrators, educators, school health staff and all users. The scoring system categorizes participants into three groups, based on their compliance level to the LGBTQ brainwashing. It is based on the grading scale C-A. “Mostly C’s are considered minimally inclusive and must “Commit to Change.” Mostly B’s: Beginning to Break Through” are considered moderately inclusive, and are “doing some things that encourage supportive and LGBTQ inclusive environments, with some room to grow.” Finally, the most compliant group is Mostly A’s: “Awesome Ally.” This group “does a lot to support LGBTQ students.”

Predatory sexual perversions being marketed to children as love and “inclusivity”

What does this “support” for LGBTQ children look like? According to the self-assessment tool, administrators should no longer “assume a student’s gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.” The tools urge teachers to use the child’s chosen names/pronouns. For example, the term “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” is supposed to be replaced with words like “partner.”

A “Mostly A’s Awesome Ally” includes teachers who frequently use LGBTQ reading material in the classroom environment. LGBTQ activist groups GLAAD, PFLAG, and Gender Unicorn provide a list of resources from which teachers should teach. These resources teach kids about sexuality, attraction, gender assignment, gender expression, perversions, and changing their gender identity. The resources teach kids to reject their gender assigned at birth and use the names and pronouns that they prefer.

Elementary school teachers are urged to brainwash young kids with “visual labels,” including rainbow flags, pink triangles, unisex bathroom signs. Furthermore, teachers are supposed to use “inclusive” language when children enter the classroom, such as “welcome, this class is a safe space for LGBTQ students.”

Part of being an “Awesome Ally” includes routine LGBTQ trainings for teachers and school administrators. These trainings program teachers to talk about genitals and gender in the classroom in a way that is perverse and morally wrong. Teachers are to “describe anatomy and physiology separate from gender (e.g., ‘a body with a penis’ and ‘a body with a vagina’).”

The whole perverted brainwashing exercise brings the topic of sex into the classroom, where it doesn’t belong. Even worse, it presents the topic to children in a way that perverts children’s minds, making them more susceptible to sick, abusive pedophiles and sex predators who look to confuse children and mutilate their genitals. Of course, the CDC is at the forefront of all this abuse, promoting perversion in schools, threatening the integrity of the family unit, and harming childhood innocence.

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