Thrive Time Show: Prophetess Julie Green delivers powerful message for America

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Image: Thrive Time Show: Prophetess Julie Green delivers powerful message for America

(Natural News) Prophetess Julie Green delivered a powerful message for America during a recent interview with Clay Clark’s “Thrive Time Show” podcast.

“America is not dead. Freedom is not dead. Liberty is not dead,” she said. “Justice is being served and great judgments will be seen against the ones who have held my nation.”

Green, who also serves as the associate pastor at Faith Family Fellowship, added that giant moves have been made to secure the American nation and eradicate corruption. Moreover, the prophetess said the One World Government’s plan to destroy America and the whole world will be exposed for all to see. (Related: Jonathan Cahn prophesies America’s future on the Thrive Time Show – Brighteon.TV.)

According to Green, world leaders such as U.S. President Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and French President Emmanuel Macron have devised plans to steal the freedoms of their people and nations and pave the way for global control and depopulation.

“They plan to continue to lie and enslave you. Their plan was to completely take over. A plan to kill not just lives, but to kill any independence in any faith, in anything they didn’t want you to have like privacy or your own way of thinking. They had the plan to take it all away. You haven’t even seen or experienced everything that they wanted, and they have done to you by now.”

The prophetess also commented that people do not want to hear the truth and facts about the horrible things happening because they bring a lot of fear. And that’s exactly what the enemy wants – bring a lot of fear – because people who are full of fear are not going to fight back.


That’s why Green is trying to give words of encouragement and tell the truth every single day.

“So we know the truth, the truth will set us free, and we have that righteous indignation on the inside of us that says this is not justifiable. There is so much injustice running rampant around the world, but God is a God of justice and a God of order,” she said.

God will deliver His people from the hands of the wicked

The prophetess added that believers must focus on the fact that God is still the same God in the Bible that delivered His people from the hands of the wicked, like Egypt’s pharaoh.

She also reminded believers to never back off and submit to their oppressors, but instead stand up and fight for their faith. “God is going to vindicate every person who is boldly standing up for what is right, and He will shake people to the core so that they will wake up and see the truth,” she said.

Furthermore, Green called on believers to never give up on their families, especially the children. She also encouraged believers to keep praying and confessing the Word of God as they watch God do His work.

In response to a question by Clark about how God uses people to minister to others even if they do not have the talent and skill, the prophetess said He can use anybody. “Even a fearful, sickly and anxious hermit can be tapped by God, as long as they are willing to allow themselves to be used by Him,” she said.

“He is the one who gives us the gifts, the talents, the ability, the strength, and He gives us the open doors. It is just us believing and trusting in Him. He will use anybody who is willing.” has more news about prophecies regarding the United States.

Watch prophetess Julie Green share her prophetic words on “Thrive Time Show” below.

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