Biden regime gags immigration and customs officials so they can’t divulge just how bad things are along border

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Image: Biden regime gags immigration and customs officials so they can’t divulge just how bad things are along border

(Natural News) As the situation along Joe Biden’s self-inflicted chaotic southwestern border gets worse ahead of an eventual end to Title 42, the one Trump-era immigration policy that remains in effect, thanks to emergency intervention this week by the U.S. Supreme Court, the regime is now instructing immigration and customs officials to keep quiet about the situation along our boundary with Mexico.

According to an exclusive report from Breitbart News, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security sent a directive to all “Customs and Border Protection managers which gags them from releasing migrant apprehension statistics through social media accounts or directly to the public without the express approval” of DHS.

In addition, Biden’s chief DHS weasel, Alejandro Mayorkas, is forbidding “Border Patrol managers from releasing any interim arrest statistics or stories as the decision over the potential end of Title 42 enforcement now sits before the Supreme Court,” the outlet reported further, adding:

The source, not authorized to speak to the media, says the message is intended to curb routine disclosures of migrant apprehensions near the southern border. These are generally provided by Border Patrol Chief Patrol Agents via social media and comments to journalists. The unprecedented directive was circulated on Monday and took immediate effect.

The order was sent under the title “DHS OPA guidance on social media coordination for the lifting of Title 42.” The order was later clarified to impose a ban on the direct communication with outlets or platforms regarding the release of migrant apprehension statistics without DHS approval. DHS OPA is the acronym for the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Public Affairs.

Breitbart Texas noted that the order had an immediate impact because the volume of updates on human and drug smuggling, along with apprehensions and arrests, normally published online by various immigration and border officials, dropped to nearly nothing after the Monday directive was sent.

The outlet went on to note that the “disparity in the breadth of information” between those two tweets “is stark.” The CBP source who spoke to the outlet claimed to be alarmed by the intent of the policy to hide high-profile images and real-time stats from the taxpaying general public. “The source told Breitbart Texas the new directive will allow DHS to control the narrative as the looming border crisis is expected to worsen after Title 42,” Breitbart Texas added.

Earlier this week, Chief Justice John Roberts issued an order keeping Title 42 in place while giving the regime a small window to respond.

“The order Monday by Chief Justice John Roberts comes as conservative states are pushing to keep limits on asylum seekers that were put in place during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. They are appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court in a last-ditch effort before the limits are set to expire,” Yahoo reported.

It should be noted that all Biden would have to do is issue another executive order to keep the statute in place — or instruct Congress to pass legislation doing the same thing (because it would pass). But notably, the people running his administration have refused to tell him to do that, meaning they want the border crisis to continue.

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