CLAIM: Twitter was run by “gay mafia” peddling child porn while censoring conservatives

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Image: CLAIM: Twitter was run by “gay mafia” peddling child porn while censoring conservatives

(Natural News) The situation at Twitter all these years was far worse than just the blatant censorship of right-wing viewpoints. New revelations show that company leadership such as former “Head of Trust and Safety” Yoel Roth were also part of a pedophilic “gay mafia” involved in the child pornography trade.

Roth and other senior ranks at Twitter allowed child porn to “run loose all over the app,” according to one report, while at the same time heavily cracking down on all opposition to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

They also catapulted the LGBT “trans” movement to the forefront of the platform, which also targeted young people for gender mutilation surgeries and other perversions. (Related: A number of major corporations cut ties with Twitter after discovering that their ads were being placed alongside tweets promoting child abuse.)

All criticisms of Democrats, though, was silenced by more than a dozen former FBI and CIA agents who were hired by the likes of Roth to patrol the Twitter platform and ensure that nobody was tweeting anything critical of the covid scam, the climate scam, and other left-wing scams.

“Having gained official federal government sanction and protection, a statistically tiny homosexual demographic left in charge of the country’s main public forum has been out for revenge against their perceived enemy, political conservatives – Americans disinclined to join the cheerleading for drag queen story hours, ‘minor-attracted persons,’ transsexuals in the military, and other LBGTQ cultural pranks,” explains James Howard Kunstler on his blog.


“In the process, that gay mafia running the public dialogue supported every lie that the government, its protector, put out, to keep the Deep State happy and well-fed. Shocking, I’m sure … but there it is. That means the gay mafia also helped promote the most-deadly psy-op in world history: the Covid-19 scare and the mass ‘vaccination’ crusade that will end up killing many millions world-wide, after destroying the economies of the Western nations. The whole package looks like an attempt to turn the world upside down and inside out.

In 2015, Yoel Roth bizarrely announced to the world that Twitter “will live to porn another day”

Roth was especially creepy – and openly so – throughout his tenure at Twitter. In late 2015, he tweeted the following disturbing message to his followers and to the world:

“‘Twitter will live to porn another day!’ – Thing I just yelled loudly at work”

What, exactly, did Roth mean by this? Was he admitting right out in the open what is now being revealed through The Twitter Files as Elon Musk, the company’s new head, blows the lid on what Twitter really was all these years?

In short, Twitter is anything but a neutral social media platform. Based on what we now know, it is a hotbed of gay mafia corruption that has been preying on society’s most innocent: children.

Twitter is also a bastion of deep state narrative control where government spooks colluded with said gay mafia to silence free speech. It is a breeding ground for tyranny, child abuse, and every kind of evil imaginable – all hiding behind the illusion of a digital “public square.”

“Will the reveal of all that wickedness make any impression on half the people of this country still deranged by the many previous salvos of official propaganda?” Kunstler asks. “Maybe not all of them. Maybe only twenty percent.”

“But that should be enough to tip the consensus of opinion in the right direction: a recognition of the harm that has been done … and the will to quit doing more of it.”

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