Germany’s energy conservation plans failing; very dark winter looms

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Image: Germany’s energy conservation plans failing; very dark winter looms

(Natural News) Officials in Europe’s largest economy are begging the public to drastically cut their energy usage, or else face widespread blackouts in the coming months.

The nation’s 20 percent reduction target, which is the minimum necessary to avoid rolling blackouts, is not even close to being met. As a result, a lights-out scenario is almost certain at this point.

After initially scoffing at the idea of there being any problems whatsoever this winter, German officials are slowly coming around to the idea that things are going to get really ugly in the next few months due to Western sanctions against Russia.

The loss of all that energy has left Germany, which went “green” years ago, with no way to keep the lights or heat on once existing supplies run day. All those wind turbines and solar panels are not going to cut it.

In a recent statement, Klaus Müller, the head of Germany’s Federal Network Agency energy watchdog, begged the public to use less gas, while still insisting that the country is “very, very far away from a gas shortage.”

Despite burning far more gas than usual for this time of year – Germany chewed through one percent of its entire gas reserve in just one day this week – German officials are still trying to pretend as though everything is fine, maybe.

“That should now remain an outlier,” Müller said about that exceptionally high one-day consumption rate. (Related: In preparation for widespread energy blackouts, Germany is also readying “emergency cash deliveries” to accommodate increased demand for money.)


“Therefore, despite the cold, I would like to ask you to be careful with your gas consumption,” he added, urging the public to “endure” the cold weather with less heat so Germany can reach its consumption reduction targets.

Germany facing coldest December in a decade amid energy crisis

Müller is still towing the line that, despite all these problems, Germany should make it just fine throughout the winter with no power cuts or blackouts. How this resonates with the other things he and others are warning about remains unclear.

Müller has repeatedly urged the German public to use less gas to avoid a potential rationing situation. But if rationing is on the table as a possible necessity, then the problem must be substantial enough that there could, in fact, be blackouts and power cuts on the agenda once the colder months arrive.

When Germany first called on citizens to reduce their energy consumption, the country was experiencing unseasonably warm weather, which means energy usage was also unseasonably low. Things have changed since then with higher-than-expected rates of usage in recent weeks.

According to reports, Germany had a relatively mild autumn, but things are changing in December, which is already on track to being the coldest that Germany has experienced in about 10 years.

With this will come increased demand for energy that results in Germany’s gas reserves dwindling down to nothing or next-to-nothing. Even if the country makes it through this year on what it has, there is no guarantee that it will be able to refill and have enough for the following year.

“The WEF-placed world leadership WANTS to freeze as many as possible,” suggested one commenter about how he believes this is all engineered. “Population reduction by 2030 to meet the goals they set in stone. This is no accident. They want you and me dead.”

“Germany: a post-war industrial powerhouse miracle unable to heat its homes. How pathetic,” wrote another.

Someone else suggested that Germans need to learn how to elect people “who will help your country, not people hellbent on destroying it.”

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