Careful what you wish for: Liberals want gender-neutral everything, but then there’s PRISON

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Image: Careful what you wish for: Liberals want gender-neutral everything, but then there’s PRISON

(Natural News) In California, the liberals run almost everything, and they run it right into the ground. For example, since back in 2016, legislation requires all single-occupancy bathrooms to be labeled as “all gender” in order to erase all gender identity from existence, and building inspectors and officials use the law to ensure compliance, including for public agencies and private businesses. Now, the gender fluid movement has devolved to the most extreme situations, and in California, any man, including those incarcerated for rape and murder, are moved into the women’s prisons by simply claiming at any moment that they are a woman (even though according to liberals there’s no such thing as a woman). Got a wig and some heavy makeup? Time to switch prisons.

For example, a convicted killer by the name of Dana Rivers (a biological man who now suddenly identifies as a woman), is about to be transferred to a woman’s prison, and feminists (women who stand up for women’s rights) are freaking out in protest at the courthouse in Oakland.

Dana Rivers, who was born as David Warfield, decided to magically switch from being a man into being a woman, after he was found guilty in the 2016 slayings of a lesbian couple and their teen son, then he burned the house to the ground. Rivers shot and stabbed the victims to death. He/she is pleading insanity. If found guilty, the judge could send the gender-fluid-mass-murderer to a men’s or women’s prison.

That means community shower time with the women. That means sharing a toilet in a cell. That means fighting in the cells, halls, mess hall, and ‘yard’ with the women. That means he might get away with raping, murdering, and even burning more female victims, including lesbians.


Wokeness doesn’t work in the prison system

Careful what you wish for, the old saying goes. These crazed, extreme liberals in California beg for gender-fluid everything, from bathrooms in stores to restrooms in schools, to college and gym locker-rooms, but they forgot about prisons. So much for consistency. Mr. Rivers is already being held in protective custody in the WOMEN’S SECTION of the Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County.

Also, back in 2020, Senate Bill 132 was passed by the California State Legislature, putting into effect the following year a law where gender fluid people, including trans, non-binary, and intersex, could “request to be housed and searched in a manner consistent with their gender identity.” That means at any time that a man simply says he’s a woman, he needs to be considered for transfer to a woman’s prison, or the wardens could be at risk for being accused of discrimination.

The lib-crazy state of Washington also houses men who claim to be women in the women’s prisons. So does the lib-crazed state of New Jersey. All the liberals love to push trans-everything on everybody else, until it blows up in their face and hits them where it really hurts. It’s fine in the Olympics where men completely dominate, disgustingly, when they compete with the women in track, wrestling, weightlifting, and more. But then there’s prison.

It’s perfectly fine when the liberals push trans-everything in daycare centers, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and summer camps, but then when it comes to prison, it’s a horse of a different color. When their own female relatives, friends, neighbors, or former coworkers are stuck in prison with a man who’s a rapist and murderer and claims to be a woman, well, now it’s all of the sudden a tragedy and should be illegal. We know just how you feel.

Watch out for those extreme liberals, coming to a city near you. Click on the link now for updates on more liberals that end up regretting their own ways and means.

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