New Zealand government KIDNAPS baby with bad heart after parents refuse vaccinated blood for heart surgery

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Image: New Zealand government KIDNAPS baby with bad heart after parents refuse vaccinated blood for heart surgery

(Natural News) The government of New Zealand has taken custody of a child with a heart condition whose parents are refusing to allow blood transfusions unless the blood came from donors who are unvaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Baby W, a four-month-old baby boy, has been placed into the guardianship of New Zealand health authorities by the country’s High Court until after he undergoes an urgently needed open-heart surgery.

Doctors are required to keep Baby W’s parents informed at all times about their son’s treatment and condition, but the parents maintain their position as his primary guardians and have been allowed to make decisions so long as they are not related to his medical care. (Related: UPDATE: New Zealand assumes guardianship of transplant baby whose parents didn’t want him to get tainted blood; he’ll now be forced to take COVID-jabbed infusions.)

The government’s guardianship over Baby W will last through his post-operative recovery, which means the parents are unlikely to recover full guardianship over their child until Jan. 2023 at the latest.

“Parents have no rights over the care of their children in New Zealand anymore,” commented Ben Armstrong of The New American.

High Court Judge Ian Gault ruled in favor of New Zealand health authorities, stating that he accepted the affidavits of health experts who claimed that millions of blood transfusions have been performed around the world since the COVID-19 vaccines were introduced and the vaccines supposedly have not caused any known harmful effects.


Citing this evidence and more testimonies, including one from New Zealand’s chief medical officer, Gault ruled that there was “no scientific evidence there is any COVID-19 vaccine-related risk from blood donated” by fully vaccinated donors.

Hospital refuses simple request of Baby W’s parents

Baby W’s parents have no problem with the heart surgery taking place. They agree with the assessment of his doctors that Baby W will not survive infancy without urgent surgery for a congenital heart defect.

The parents’ only request for Baby W was for the doctors to provide them with a guarantee that he would only receive blood transfusions from unvaccinated donors.

This request was outright dismissed by Baby W’s hospital, the Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland and his pediatric cardiac surgeon. The New Zealand Blood Service deemed the request “unnecessary and impractical” despite both parents having identified at least 20 unvaccinated people who were more than willing to donate blood for Baby W’s life-saving procedure.

“We don’t want blood that is tainted by vaccination,” said Baby W’s father. “That’s the end of the deal. We’re fine with anything else these doctors want to do.”

“It’s such an easy matter to clear up, and you won’t do it,” he added, addressing this comment to the head of the blood bank.

“We can’t take a risk with a boy who already has a heart condition,” Baby W’s mother explained. Turning her attention to the blood service, she added: “I am horrified and disgusted that you wouldn’t even have the decency to talk to us when you’re clearly standing in the way of our baby getting the blood that he needs for this heart operation.”

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Watch this episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show” as host Ben Armstrong discusses in detail the case of Baby W and how his parents lost custody over him.

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