Tragedies lead doctors like Aseem Malhotra to question mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations

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Image: Tragedies lead doctors like Aseem Malhotra to question mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations

(Natural News) Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a British cardiologist, used to be a vocal proponent of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines – until his father’s death changed his entire worldview regarding the pandemic and mandatory vaccinations.

Malhotra, in an interview with Del Bigtree on “The HighWire,” noted that he was one of the first physicians in the United Kingdom to take on a job at one of the country’s COVID-19 vaccination centers. He also had a pivotal role early on in the pandemic in promoting vaccination and combating “vaccine hesitancy,” a job that included appearing on national television to talk about the COVID-19 vaccines and using his personal Twitter account to argue with people with questions regarding the vaccines. (Related: Dr. Meryl Nass: Medical boards are targeting doctors who questioned COVID-19 pandemic policies.)

“I did not conceive of the possibility that any vaccine could cause any real harm at all. It wasn’t even anywhere in my brain. In my journey as a cardiologist, as an activist and as someone who’s sat on committees involving some of the most eminent doctors in the U.K.,” he said.

Cover-up of father’s death led Malhotra to be critical of COVID-19 vaccine policy

Malhotra’s father, Dr. Kailash Chand, is a British Indian physician who moved to the U.K. with his wife, who was also a doctor. They both became general practitioners employed by the National Health Service (NHS). As Malhotra recalls it, his father became the first British Asian to become an honorary vice president of the British Medical Association. Chand was also bestowed with an Order of the British Empire.


In the British medical scene, Chand was known for being a “fearless defender” of the country’s single-payer healthcare system, the NHS and of government policies regarding COVID-19.

On July 26, 2021, Malhotra tweeted that his father passed away after a sudden cardiac arrest. He was 73 and he died at home.

“Can’t stop crying. Currently sitting on his bed. Completely and utterly heartbroken,” Malhotra wrote.

During his interview with Bigtree, Malhotra noted that his father’s cardiac arrest is still unexplained.

“He was a very fit guy, healthy diet. I’d actually done some routine heart scans on him a few years earlier. I know that blood flow through his arteries were good, I knew his lifestyle inside out,” he said. “But his post-mortem findings did not make sense to me at all.”

As Malhotra explained, the autopsy found two critical stenosis in Chand’s arteries, or severe blockages that prevented blood from flowing through those two arteries. Neither Malhotra nor the pathologists that conducted the autopsy could explain it.

Later on, a whistleblower working as a cardiology researcher for a “very prestigious British institution” contacted Malhotra to say that researchers in his department found inflammation from imaging studies around his father’s coronary arteries.

This means that Malhotra’s father’s cause of death was fabricated as a mere heart attack and explained away by Chand’s age.

Malhotra explained that this, along with the slow accumulation of evidence coming out of the U.K. regarding the vaccine’s effects on the population, are what pushed him over the edge to now be one of the foremost activists questioning British government policies regarding COVID-19 vaccines. Malhotra’s only regret is that it had to take the death of his father for him to see the truth.

“I’ve lost my best friend, the last surviving member of my immediate family,” said Malhotra. “My poor father almost certainly was killed by this vaccine.”

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Watch Dr. Aseem Malhotra as he discusses the personal tragedy that triggered his evolution from a champion of COVID-19 vaccines to an activist against mandatory vaccinations.

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