Shopify is one of the only tech companies standing up to leftist mob

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Image: Shopify is one of the only tech companies standing up to leftist mob

(Natural News) Despite facing a barrage of hatred and ire for doing so, Ottawa-based e-commerce giant Shopify is refusing to persecute numerous clients with “anti-LGBTQ” leanings.

The leftist mob on social media had demanded that all the merchandise listed by the Libs of TikTok Twitter account, which is powered by Shopify, be immediately removed. In particular, they wanted to see “STOP GROOMING OUR KIDS” apparel taken down for good.

Since the Cult of LGBTQ is now becoming the Cult of LGBTQP – the P stands for pedophilia – it is considered offensive by the leftist mob to make statements in defense of children’s innocence.

Shopify says the Libs of TikTok online store “is not currently in violation” of any rules. A spokesperson also said that Shopify hosts businesses “of all stripes and sizes, with various worldviews. (Related: Shopify did, however, remove the Donald Trump campaign store from its platform.)

“We take concerns around the merchants on our platform very seriously, and Shopify’s [Acceptable Use Policy] outlines the activities that are not permitted on our platform,” the spokesperson added.

Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke made a statement on Twitter as well that basically urges those who are upset about the company’s non-bias to be quiet and move on because Shopify is not going to cater to their politically charged demands.

“Shopify has a published acceptable use policy and a principled process to apply it,” Lutke said. “Pressure groups on all sides try to influence it sometimes and CBC (a prominent Canadian media outlet) needs to see through that not amplify bad faith narrative.”


Leftist fanatic targets Shopify COO, accuses him of supporting “terrorism & violence” by leaving Libs of TikTok account intact

None of this is acceptable to Nandini Jammi, co-founder of a left-wing extremist group called Check My Ads that claims to be the “adtech industry’s only watchdog.” The purpose of Check My Ads is to punish tech companies that refuse to kowtow to the leftist agenda.

In a tweet, Jammi wrote that Shopify COO Kaz Nejatian is in support of “terrorism & violence” because he refuses to remove the Libs of TikTok account from his company’s e-commerce platform.

“This is not a principled decision,” Jammi added about Shopify’s decision not to discriminate, “it’s a political one.”

Two days later, Jammi tweeted again that internal employee conversations on Slack show that some members of the Shopify team are upset like she is that Libs of TikTok has not been, and will not be, removed from Shopify.

“It’s clear the rot is coming from the heads of the company,” she added.

Jammi tweeted an image of words stating that “internally people at Shopify have been pushing back on the hate websites very publically [sic] in slack [sic] channels.”

“The hate sites are not a reflection of the normal ground level workers or even mid-managers there,” it added.

Again, keep in mind that Shopify is not completely innocent in all this. In addition to banning the Trump campaign, it has also axed the Proud Boys, QAnon, and, among others. In this case, though, Shopify is choosing not to discriminate even while most all others are.

Jammi apparently wants some kind of uprising to come out of her crusade against Libs of TikTok. In a November 21 tweet, she wrote that Shopify is “one of the biggest sponsors of violence and terrorism here in the United States” – and she appears to have fully meant this.

“Canadians, I’m going to need you to start stepping up,” she reprimanded. “Start thinking about how you can get your MPs speaking publicly about [Shopify’s] role in international terrorism.”

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