Stew Peters urges Republican-dominated House to STOP FUNDING Ukraine’s war effort

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Image: Stew Peters urges Republican-dominated House to STOP FUNDING Ukraine’s war effort

(Natural News) Stew Peters has urged the now Republican-dominated House of Representatives to stop funding Ukraine’s war against Russia.

“One really important step that they could take, if they really were there representing an America First agenda, [is to] stop funding this insane Ukraine war,” he said. “They could demand that we negotiate a peace deal before this conflict kills tens or hundreds of millions of people, and destroy civilization as we know it.”

According to the broadcaster and host of the “Stew Peters Show,” Americans distinctly remember the GOP egging on the Russia-Ukraine war in February 2022. However, most of them now realize that the conflict is a waste of American taxpayer dollars and a criminal risk to the safety of the entire world.

He added that even though the GOP won the midterms, Americans are still skeptical of them as they have failed to deliver on the promises they have made to voters. Moreover, the sellout GOP consists of ” weak, castrated [and] feckless cowards that are subjected to bribery and blackmail material.”

In spite of these, Peters expressed hope that a GOP-controlled House can do a lot of important things – such as launching investigations, preventing the passage of Democratic-backed bills and defunding efforts to crush American freedom. He commented that Americans don’t expect the GOP to do most of this because Republicans seem to live to disappoint the American people.

The Brighteon.TV host recounted spending a lot of time on his program to enlighten Americans about the truth of Ukraine and the corruption of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. He also pointed out how the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the U.S. provoked the conflict by pressuring Russia and refusing any reasonable efforts at diplomacy.


Peters ultimately remarked that the war in Ukraine is not in America’s best interests, as it only promotes the interests of the globalist cabal and the military-industrial complex.

Moscow believes the war will take a nuclear turn

Investigative reporter Edward Szall, who joined Peters on his program, said a lot of GOP lawmakers said they are not going to write a blank check for Ukraine if they take control of the House. This statement, he added, means that the $40 billion allocation to Ukraine could be slashed by half.

According to Szall, only Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance has expressed intent to end all aid to Ukraine. However, the investigative reporter commented that as of the moment, Ukrainians do not believe any defunding is going to happen.

“These men still want to fuel the weapon industries. They want to fuel this war that they see as being pivotal in stopping Russia and protecting America. I don’t believe this. I don’t trust this, but as of right now we have at least one man [who] is going to stop it,” Szall stated, referring to Vance.

Szall also warned of a risk of nuclear escalation, citing comments made by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during an Oct. 23 call with his French and Turkish counterparts. (Related: Russian defense minister warns situation in Ukraine “trending towards uncontrolled escalation.”)

“They discussed the situation in Ukraine, which is rapidly deteriorating,” said the Russian Ministry of Defense. “It is trending toward further uncontrolled escalation.”

Shoigu has also ordered a full withdrawal of forces from Kherson, the last province between Kyiv-controlled territory and Crimea. Russia has described this as the “red line” which it will defend with nuclear weapons.

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