2020 prediction by Dilbert creator Scott Adams was correct – Republicans are being hunted down since Biden stole election

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Image: 2020 prediction by Dilbert creator Scott Adams was correct – Republicans are being hunted down since Biden stole election

(Natural News) Dilbert creator Scott Adams was criticized for a prediction he made before the 2020 Election.  It turns out that he was absolutely correct. 

(Article by Joe Hoft republished from TheGatewayPundit.com)

On July 1, 2020, the Wrap reported on a tweet that Dilbert creator Scott Adams made at the time.  The tweet was out of line and laughable according to the report:

“Dilbert” creator Scott Adams made a fearful prediction about the 2020 presidential election on Twitter on Wednesday, telling his Republican followers that if Joe Biden is elected to the White House, “there’s a good chance you will be dead within the year.”

“Republicans will be hunted,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet, later adding, “Police will stand down.”

The comic strip creator has been outspoken about his political views both on Twitter and on his blog, where he previously endorsed Donald Trump for president in 2016 and accused the Hillary Clinton campaign of stoking “violence against police, violence against Trump supporters, and death threats to bloggers such as me.”

As actor James Urbaniak noted in response to Adams’ tweets, the threat of violence against Republican voters in response to Democratic electoral victories is a recurring theme in Adams’ political commentary.

Below are Scott Adams’s tweets and a response from the unknown actor “James Urbaniak” who no one has ever heard of.

Now two years later we know that Scott Adams was correct.

Republicans, some who attended the Jan 6 protests, and others like Steve Bannon or Roger Stone who didn’t attend the protests, are being hunted down by their government.

Many of the thousand or so individuals arrested for protesting the stolen 2020 election on Jan 6 and who did nothing wrong, had teams of FBI agents storm their homes.  Many more are sitting in the DC Gulag now for almost two years on simple misdemeanor charges with no court dates set to this day.

** See American Gulag for a list of the defendants and victims from Jan 6.

Four Trump supporters were killed that day.  Others committed suicide following the protests and government abuse.  Innocent Republicans and Trump supporters were killed.

Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi threatened to punch President Trump on that day.

And now, ministers, Christians, and God-loving Americans protesting abortion clinics are being arrested and thrown in jail.

This is Joe Biden’s America.  Republicans are being hunted down.  Scott Adams was right. 

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