More proof that ELECTION FRAUD is REAL: Election software CEO arrested

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Image: More proof that ELECTION FRAUD is REAL: Election software CEO arrested

(Natural News) The arrest of Konnech CEO Eugene Yu could shed more light to the irregularities in the 2020 elections and ultimately prevent future election fraud.

Konnech is an East Lansing, Michigan-based company responsible for the software used in managing elections in several states that stored personal information of over 1.8 million Americans in its database. That database was reportedly left open, putting the lives of those Americans open to scrutiny and possible manipulation. Worse, all information is stored in servers in China. (Related: Authorities: CEO of election software company sent American poll workers’ data to China.).

According to its company profile, Konnech is the developer of PollChief, a software application capable of sending mass letters, emails and phone calls to polling locations and recording the responses of election workers. It is reportedly being used by thousands of election offices across North America.

When employed by unscrupulous individuals, PollChief can decide a tight fight for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate in the coming midterm polls.

With the Joe Biden administration and the Democrats hard-pressed to keep the majority in both Houses, it isn’t far-fetched that powerful individuals are trying to reach out or have made the proper connections with Konnech in preparation for the grand showdown next month.

PollChief software poses national security risk

True the Votes’ Gregg Phillips bared the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI ) has the China-born Yu on its radar for some time now.


“These were legitimate people who believed that this software posed a national security risk to the United States of America, and they were working with us closely to try to stop this from being in place during the midterms,” said Phillips, lead investigator of True the Votes, a conservative vote-monitoring organization based in Houston, Texas.

“The focus point was always we needed to remove this software from the election, but taking a step further, there were a lot of other concerns that the bureau had. Meaning, how they exchange data between here and China, this same person built the entire app that runs all of these elections across the United States. This is a red Chinese communist op run against the United States by Chinese operatives and it’s a disaster.”

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon said the 51-year-old Yu was nabbed for “suspicion of theft of personal identity information.”

The FBI also disclosed that Konnech has “banking issues” and problems involving the company’s overseas operations in Australia and Canada.

Yu was supposed to remain in jail until an extradition hearing being asked by California state is held. A local judge, however, granted his release after paying a $1 million bond. Yu was ordered, “to wear a GPS tether, give his passport to Michigan authorities and surrender to Los Angeles authorities by October 14.” He was also put on the significant flight risk list.

Other than this incident, Yu has been known to be a Communist supporter since 2013.

Why many counties trust Konnech, which had built a communication platform for the Confucius Institute, touted to be an espionage arm of the CCP, to handle crucial matters such as the elections, remains a mystery.

Another point of concern is why the mainstream media, particularly the New York Times (NYT), always comes to his defense, even picturing him as the victim of the 2020 election deniers. In fact, on the day Yu got nabbed, the NYT came up with an article criticizing his captors and detractors.

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Watch this video that tackles the arrest of Konnech CEO Eugene Yu for selling voter data to China.

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