MEDICAL MUTILATIONS: Hospitals increasing irreversible child transgender surgeries as American healthcare system descends into hellish nightmare for children

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Image: MEDICAL MUTILATIONS: Hospitals increasing irreversible child transgender surgeries as American healthcare system descends into hellish nightmare for children

(Natural News) The American health care system is the latest institution to have become completely dominated by left-wing ideologues and hypocrites who think about the welfare of patients last and their politics and pocketbooks first.

That explains why a growing number of hospitals are actually taking part in gender reassignment surgeries for children that are permanent and could eventually lead to a life of disturbing depression and mental illness for recipients — all because they make money.

One of them — Seattle Children’s Hospital — has recently doubled down on its “mission” to remove the sex organs of developing children “even as pressure mounts on health systems to quit pushing irreversible surgeries on adolescent patients,” The Daily Caller reported this week.

On its website, the medical facility brags that it is “the only pediatric academic medical center with fellowship-trained plastic surgeons who provide gender-affirming surgery in our region — Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho.” A hospital spokesperson told The Daily Caller that despite increased pressure and tension over the permanent life-altering procedures, the facility will continue to perform “gender-affirming care” on children.

We will continue to offer evidence-based gender-affirming care because it is lifesaving care and is aligned with our mission to help every patient live their healthiest and most fulfilling life possible,” the spokesman said. “Seattle Children’s providers are specifically trained to care for the unique needs of adolescents, teens and young adults. This allows our team to offer personalized care that is tailored to meet each patient’s individual needs and goals.”


The “Surgical Gender Affirmation Program” at the hospital says it “treats teens and young adults” who are allegedly having gender identity issues using “complex procedures, including face and neck surgery, top surgery (breast/chest), bottom surgery (genitals) and body contouring.”

Billboard Chris, a father of two and activist traveling the country to warn about these harmful life-changing surgeries noted on Twitter: “Tissue harvesting for construction of a phallus. Gender-affirming hysterectomies must be done first, which WPATH now recommends for 17-year-old girls. This procedure is performed in children’s hospitals across the nation.”

Of course @BostonChildrens plays inspirational music in the background when advertising these services to kids. They might not make as much money if they showed these pictures,” he added in another tweet, detailing that a children’s hospital in Boston is also providing similar surgeries.

Listen to this ghoul explain:

While Seattle Children’s claims that patients have to wait until they are 18 years old to undergo genital reconstruction surgery that includes intestinal vaginoplasties using sections of bowel to create a phony vagina, the institution also says that “a typical age is mid-teens or older” for other procedures, the hospital’s website says.

While it may be possible to ‘create’ certain body parts, the fact is humans are born either male or female, and honest physicians would tell you that biological sex really does matter when it comes to the prescribing of certain medications that affect males and females differently or can affect them differently.

“Men and women frequently have different experiences in relation to medicines and drugs. Sometimes the differences are seen in adverse effects or a drug having a greater effect. These differences can be related to the physiological differences between men and women, as well as other gender-specific differences,” the Alternative to Meds Center notes in a fact-checked article.

Worse, though, these life-altering surgeries are being performed on young people and kids without any thought as to whether they might someday have regrets or a change of heart — when it’s too late.

These people are sick; they are not ‘healthcare providers.’

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