The doctrine of inerrancy: Science as a cult

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Image: The doctrine of inerrancy: Science as a cult

(Natural News) Christian churches tend the bust out the HE IS RISEN banner on Easter Sunday, and here’s a version of the central declaration of faith from another religion, the Church of Scientism:

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“We stand by science, so we stand by the vaccine.” These hang from every lamppost on the sizeable campus of a major research hospital in Los Angeles, an identical recitation of faith that appears before the eyes of the medical pilgrim every thirty steps or so. You can chant it in a rhythm, if you’re so inclined, as ye performest thine Stations of the Vaccine. The true penitent will park on Robertson, to walk past the maximum number of signs, but mark ye the parking restrictions, for the ways of Los Angeles parking enforcement are cruel, and many are they who suffer the penalties.


If this isn’t a declaration of a faith, then what is it? The call and response, the this-therefore-this:

Priest: Because of science, we save lives every day.

Congregation: We stand by science, so we stand by the vaccines.

You can hear the chanting in your head, can’t you? The repetition, the delivery of a mantra in a form that allows you to perceive it, and perceive it, and perceive it, and perceive it yet again before ye makest thine turn onto San Vicente. When you say it often and identically, it wears grooves; it patterns the dailiness of life with the avenues of belief. It’s Benedictine Scientism.

Or, you know, not. My bet is that most people never notice these signs, or never notice them twice, but the choice to make them and to display them is compellingly bizarre and creepy. I wish I could have witnessed the meeting of medical administrators that led to that choice, because I’m fairly confident that it played like a Paddy Chayefsky movie IRL.


I’ve been reminded over and over this week how important Substack has become. This absolute must read post from el gato malo discusses the complete implosion of popular trust in the mRNA injections, from the sharp decline in booster uptake to the “that parrot is dead” numbers regarding mRNA uptake in children under the age of five. Flatly, people aren’t taking this shit anymore, and they’re for damn sure not having it injected into their children.

Meanwhile, this absolute must read piece from Marty Makary and the magnificent Tracy Beth Høeg describes the rising sense of horror inside the federal health agencies over the politicization of mRNA “vaccine” approval, and the resulting exodus from the CDC, NIH, and FDA.

(And if I had the patience for it, I’d post video here of the Moderna and Pfizer CEOs complaining about how many doses they’re throwing away, now. But yuck. Google around for these if you feel the need, but drink first.)

While the population as a whole turns — aggressively — against a corrupt apparatus, and while the wheels fall off the corrupt apparatus, hospitals and doctors continue the procession as if the church remains unified.

Medical administrators prepare to discuss mRNA products

Excommunications continue; Cedars-Sinai Medical Center — again, a research hospital — quite recently took away a physician’s hospital privileges because the filthy heretic has but two injections of the Holy Sacrament of the mRNA. Unbeliever! He argued that two injections plus a subsequent Covid infection gave him adequate immunity and obviated the need for further injections BURN THE WITCH.

Ten months after the director of the CDC said flatly and publicly that the mRNA injections don’t stop transmission and infection, a major center of scientific research and medical practice toddles along as if the vaccines work flawlessly to protect people from sickness. Here’s new research suggesting that vaccinated people are taking longer to clear a Covid infection than the unvaccinated, but whatever. You could name a dozen data points, a hundred research claims, a thousand personal experiences: None of it will matter.

If you “stand by science,” you stand by a process of continual evaluation, of argument and reassessment, and you change your practice to fit new evidence. The people who say they do this aren’t doing it, because they’ve trapped themselves in a piece of symbolic performance that they’ve gotten tangled up in like an animal wrapped in barbed wire.

They’ve said they believe in the vaccine; they’ve made the thing the symbol, rather than the process. Vaccine is science; we are believers; we march.

At some point they’ll be forced to rip themselves out of this self-constructed trap. It’ll be ugly and painful, as apostasy tends to be.

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