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Image: Critical Disclosure with Jim White: Paul Preston explains the need for a new government in California – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Paul Preston, founder and president of the New California State (NCS) movement, said a new government is needed to replace the corrupt, socialist government in Sacramento.

“What needs to happen is [that] you need to get rid of the [current] government of California and form a new government or a restored government,” he told James White on the Sept. 26 episode of the Brighteon.TV program “Critical Disclosure.” Preston added that his group has now filed the necessary paperwork and published the necessary information about NCS.

He compared his endeavor to how the state of West Virginia was formed. According to Preston, they are proceeding with their plans to set up a restored government and present their documents to Congress once approval is obtained.

Formerly with the Jefferson movement, White’s guest set up NCS with other people. They began with four counties, and eventually grew to 18 counties before declaring independence on Jan. 15, 2018. By the time of their declaration, 24 counties were already on board. This has now grown to 56.

The NCS was following the West Virginia model to become a state, based on Article 4, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution. To This end, he called on Californians to work with the state legislature and with the U.S Congress.

“We have to get the permission from the [California State] Legislature, then we have to move on to Congress. So it’s a two-step process. The last time it was done, it was in West Virginia.”

Preston cited that in their first constitutional convention, they created a legislature and started working on the framework for the constitution of NCS.


Preston laments the collapse of old California under Newsom

Preston, who hosts “Agenda 21 Radio,” lamented that the emergence of socialism and communism in the state capitol at Sacramento pushed him and the NCS movement to fight back. He lamented how many people are moving out of the Golden State due to the extortion racket by Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Related: Group using West Virginia model to create “New California” serves Gavin Newsom notice of constitutional default.)

According to the NCS founder, the Newsom administration has been threatening, intimidating and lording over the citizens of California. He also cited the more than 190 grievances from NCS against the Golden State, accusing it of violating the constitutional rights of its citizens for a long time now.

A report by the Gateway Pundit said the NCS “has been working for months and years to get away from the radical and unconstitutional actions taken by the current leadership in California.”

Preston stated he was deeply disturbed at how the outstanding education system in California was being stripped, torn apart and federalized. Aside from this, he also exposed the welfare fraud in the state government involving the California Employment Development Department.

Given this, Preston and the NCS issued a default notice to Newsom. He explained to White that the essence of the notice they served is to make California abide by the federal constitution.

The NCS founder and president ultimately remarked that if California wants to maintain its status as a viable government in America, it must provide a republican form of government for its citizens.

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