MAKE IT STOP – Little girl repeatedly rubs her hand up and down genitals of “little mermaid” drag queen while another drag queen spread legs wide open on stage for toddlers

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Image: MAKE IT STOP – Little girl repeatedly rubs her hand up and down genitals of “little mermaid” drag queen while another drag queen spread legs wide open on stage for toddlers

(Natural News) Pride Youth Day in Chattanooga, TN. (a red state) kicked off on Saturday with a speaker and discussion (we have no idea which topics they covered—perhaps best sex toys for toddlers?). Drag Queen story time for kids began at 2:30, followed by a Princess Meet & Greet at 3:00 and a “Family friendly” drag show at 4 pm.

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The drag queen event for small children took place at the Wanderlinger Brewing Company.

Conservative activist Robby Starbuck shared a compilation of shocking video footage from the Chattanooga Pride Youth Day event at the Wanderlinger Brewing Company. The video includes a little girl wearing a “rainbow” dress who appears to be about 4-5 years old is seen standing on a stage while Disney music plays and rubbing her hand repeatedly up and down the genitals of a man dressed like the “Little Mermaid” while he stands still and allows her to fondle him.

In another portion of the video, a drag queen can be seen lying down on a stage and spreading his legs wide open while toddlers watch from below. In yet another scene in the video, small children attempt to hide from an overweight man dressed in a gaudy green costume who lurks around the room until he finds a woman who will hand him (a perfect stranger) her baby, who proceeds to cry, as the drag queen hands the baby back. In the final scene, a child can be seen walking up on stage and handing one of the drag queens a bill (of an unknown amount).

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Why on earth would these drag queens want to perform for toddlers and small children? Does anyone honestly believe these interactions with small children aren’t excited or stimulated by these bad actors whose shows were meant to entertain ADULTS!??

Starbuck follows up his drag queen video with another tweet, saying: The fact they WANT to spread their legs for kids should make very clear to everyone that something is WRONG with this. Where’s law enforcement? We won’t allow this continue. In Tennessee there will be no safe space to be inappropriate like this with kids. We WILL stop this! 

He followed it up with this tweet warning the Left: We will be watching every move the left makes to do this in Tennessee and we will be reporting to the public, to the politicians and to the police until this stops. Tennesseans: Send this to your reps and ask them to stop this and to work with us on legislation to protect kids!

Why aren’t these parents being criminally charged for subjecting their small children to adult entertainment? You can’t take a 16 yr. old to an R-rated movie, but you can take a toddler to a drag queen show where full-grown men are gyrating on stage and spreading their legs wide open for the kids in the audience.

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