Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat tells Bob Sisson: There has been a clear shift in the perception of healthcare during the pandemic – Brighteon.TV

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Image: Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat tells Bob Sisson: There has been a clear shift in the perception of healthcare during the pandemic – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Slowly but surely, Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat is seeing signs of a shift in the healthcare system. No matter how much manipulation is put into the system, the consumers will ultimately take control in the end.

“Over the last two years, there has been a clear shift in the perception of healthcare, healing, disease, health in the population: that is praying, the awareness and the sense that the way things have been done to this point is not working,” Cornu-Labat said during the September 16 episode of “CLO2TV” on Brigheon.TV.

Host Bob Sisson, also known as Bob the Plumber, pointedly asked Cornu-Labat: “Is it fair to say that COVID, in one sense, has been a blessing because now we’re seeing that the medical profession is exposed?” (Related: With America’s entire medical system dominated by mafia-style operations, the American people are being robbed blind – staggering evidence a ‘medical mafia’ is running America.)

COVID itself, according to Cornu-Labat, had positive and negative sides to it. Doctors and researchers have noticed some unexpectedly positive side effects: bluer skies, fewer road accidents, falling crime rates and even a lowered number of other infectious diseases in hospital emergency departments.

However, it also brought about a tremendous amount of suffering.

“But I think this is a clear example of how systems run, you know, a system has a point of equilibrium. And if that point of equilibrium is present in the way the system is functioning, then it perpetuates itself over time,” he explained.


People are starting to notice the difference between what the government says and does

Cornu-Labat continued: “Healthcare is about caring for health. So being healthy is in the system that is labeled healthcare. In reality, if what you’re doing is disease management, then your actions are not matching with the stated goal of the system. So that system is out of balance. It’s a matter of time when the system is out of balance for it to collapse because it’s not representative of reality.

“To avoid collapse, the system needs to keep pumping in resources to maintain itself, but the more people continue in this dissociation between what they’re doing and what they say they are doing, the more effort they have to put in to keep up the appearance.

“It then reaches an exponential point of growth, and resources run out. So the COVID crisis came into that kind of symbolic event where it became clear that what is being done and what is said by the government and the healthcare system has a mismatch. The people are seeing it now.”

Cornu-Labat pointed out that this is also true in politics. You have to take responsibility for your own community.

“If we look at our political system, [people ask] ‘What’s going on in Washington?’ ‘Why aren’t they doing this?'” he said.

“The real question is, what are you doing at home? Are you involved with your school board? Are you involved in your local election? Are you having meetings in your home for a Christian candidate? Are you intimately involved? Or are you sitting back and complaining about what’s going on?”

Cornu-Labat said it is important that people acknowledge their own reality by taking responsibility for their actions and taking command of their lives instead of following the false, comfortable narratives that others try to project to everyone else.

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