Transgender quackery exposed as “child abuse” by top doctor

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Image: Transgender quackery exposed as “child abuse” by top doctor

(Natural News) The transgender madness that has taken over society is based on pseudo-science, lies, and deception that is wreaking havoc on children but fortunately is being and will be exposed, warned American College of Pediatricians President Dr. Quentin Van Meter in this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman. Transitioning children to a new gender–sterilizing them and even surgically mutilating them–is wrong and is not based on science or medicine, said the pediatric endocrinologist who completed a fellowship at Johns Hopkins University and knew the man behind the original craze. Neither do these “gender-affirming care” protocols help reduce suicide, Dr. Van Meter added.

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The goal of the forces pushing this, he said in this warning, is to tear the family apart. In Europe, the negative effects and dangers are already becoming obvious to policymakers and medical professionals. That realization is coming to America but about 10 years behind. In this explosive interview, Dr. Van Meter discusses the implications and the importance of people taking this seriously.

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