PrepWithMike: Health Ranger reviews EcoFlow portable power stations, must-have devices for when the grid goes down

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Image: PrepWithMike: Health Ranger reviews EcoFlow portable power stations, must-have devices for when the grid goes down

(Natural News) Health Ranger Mike Adams reviewed the EcoFlow portable power station devices during a recent episode of “Prep With Mike.” He touted the devices as the latest gear that can help people survive while off the grid.

According to Adams, electricity prices are going up and the power grid is not as reliable as it used to be. People will face the predicament of needing to keep their devices charged – such as mobile phones, rechargeable batteries for flashlights or emergency radios, satellite phones and satellite communication devices – when the grid is down.

Enter EcoFlow, a company that makes power station devices that come in many different sizes. Established in 2017 by a group of battery engineers with the vision to power a new world, EcoFlow has become a prime portable power and renewable energy company. It shows the way with industry-leading portable power solutions, solar technology and the world’s first smart home ecosystem.

The Natural News founder elaborated on the features of EcoFlow’s River and Delta units, both portable power station devices.

“They basically have a charge controller. They accept solar panel inputs so you can use almost all the common solar panels. They have these common inputs for solar panel cables which are industry standard stuff and very simple. They have lithium-ion batteries; actually lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4, as they’re called. And then, in addition, they have inverters as well as DC output,” Adams said.

The devices’ front panels have the DC output that can accommodate USB devices. They also have an AC output located at either the back or the side portion. Aside from the AC and DC outlets, the EcoFlow power station devices also have inverters.


Moreover, both the River and Delta units also have screens that indicate the current charge status, watts input and watts output. Aside from the common features, the EcoFlow portable power station devices have different output wattage capacities and amounts of storage.

While Adams mentioned that the units can be charged using solar power, they can also be charged by plugging them into a regular wall outlet.

“These units can collect power from the sun and then charge your batteries for your power tools. And that can help you survive because you don’t want to have to do all that stuff by hand,” Adams said.

Health Ranger: EcoFlow units among the “most reliable” gear he has used

According to Adams, the EcoFlow power station units can charge a myriad of devices – including a radio, cell phone, 18650 batteries, flashlights, smaller power storage devices, satellite communication device, satellite phone, power tools, blenders, GPS devices, rifle optics, electro-optic devices and rangefinders. (Related: New PrepWithMike video: How to make your own emergency FIRE STARTERS for survival, preparedness and off-grid cooking.)

The Health Ranger added that EcoFlow offers 160-watt and 400-watt solar panels, which can be folded and are easy to carry. These panels can be unfolded while the sun is up to charge devices.

The portable power station, he remarked, can aid in off-grid security monitoring as it can run a laptop, mobile phones and emergency communication devices – while charging batteries for night vision optics and surveillance.

Adams said the EcoFlow Pro can drive a lot of household appliances when expanded and combined with a home control using its power control unit. However, an electrician is needed for this purpose.

He also cited the limitations of the EcoFlow units, pointing out that the smaller or mid-sized units cannot run certain appliances such as air conditioners, laundry dryers, home ovens or electric stoves. Those require larger units.

The Health Ranger ultimately remarked that in terms of quality, EcoFlow is by far the most reliable compared to the other brands of power station devices from different companies that he has used. is a US retailer of EcoFlow devices and a sponsor of, which was founded by Adams.

Watch the Health Ranger Mike Adams review the EcoFlow portable power stations during an episode “PrepWithMike.”

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