Are you or a loved one SUFFERING from allopathic syndrome? There’s a CURE

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Image: Are you or a loved one SUFFERING from allopathic syndrome? There’s a CURE

(Natural News) Prescription medications, since their conception in the early 1900s, were designed to quell or eliminate pain and/or symptoms of sickness, but were never meant to cure anything. By the mid-1900s, vaccines were concocted to con people into believing that infectious diseases could be totally prevented and wiped away, so everyone would be “saved” from polio, small pox and many others. Medical doctors were trained and paid handsomely to push pills, surgery and vaccines as a new, revolutionary Western medicine era where lab “technology” is the savior, and natural medicine was only for quacks, Indians and hippies.

This is the era of allopathic medicine, and there have never been more chronically sick people with access to modern medical “treatments” in the history of the planet.

Most vaccines contain deadly chemicals that cause cancer, neurological disorders and weakened immune system function

The main goal of medical doctors in the USA is not to heal you of sickness, but to keep you as a lifelong patient, who needs them when the pain and symptoms from deep-rooted illness rears its ugly head. This is why MDs rarely, if ever, offer nutritional advice to their patients.

If the patient is cured of illnesses by eating whole organic foods and the patient builds long-lasting natural immunity, then repeat business goes out the window and these MDs can’t live the luxurious lifestyles to which they’re all accustomed.

Allopathic Syndrome begins and ends with bad diet. Clogged blood vessels, lack of proper nutrients and boatloads of chemicals in processed foods set up the “bowling pins” for the “strike,” which often comes in the form of a heart attack, stroke or cancer siege.


Most beverages sold in America fuel Allopathic Syndrome, because they contain added sugars, artificial sweeteners, oils (yes they do), synthetic hormones and antibiotics (think conventional milk and coffee creamers), artificial flavors, artificial colors and other lab-made concoctions that fuel chronic inflammation, headaches, lethargy, obesity, arthritis and osteoporosis.

That brings us to the insecticide called fluoride that’s put in tap water purposely and for evil reasons (lowers IQ, and causes cancer and brittle bones). This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the toxins that most Americans never try to filter out of their daily intake, and their medical doctors and surgeons have nothing to say about it.

That’s why it’s called Allopathic Syndrome, because a syndrome is a set of medical signs and symptoms that are all correlated and associated with disease and disorder. In fact, the word syndrome comes from a Greek word that means concurrence, since a syndrome can be grouped with definite causes, eventually becoming disease.

Top 10 “key components” to the perpetuation of Allopathic Syndrome

  1. Why and how vaccines keep you in a long-term state of weakened immunity.
  2. How antihistamines cause sinus infections, which can lead to bronchial infections.
  3. How antibiotics kill bad and good gut bacteria, leaving the person highly vulnerable to virus attacks, not to mention pathogens and parasites.
  4. How multi-dose flu shots keep high doses of mercury in the human body, fueling neurological and brain disorders.
  5. How commercials on TV for drugs, with side effects much worse than the condition to be treated, STILL convince people to request them from their doctors.
  6. Why people with allopathic syndrome believe 100% that all vaccines are “safe and effective.”
  7. How most Americans drink either tap water or bottled water daily that contains chemicals, thinking it’s not a big deal.
  8. How canola oil ever came to be “heart healthy” when it clogs blood and leads to rapid weight gain, loss of memory and dementia.
  9. Why people believe that they can find answers to their (preventable) health problems using Google, WebMD or Twitter.
  10. How most medical doctors in America push pills, vaccines, and surgery for money, when there are much safer, more effective natural remedies they could easily tell you about.

Covid jabs are the “nails in the coffin” for those suffering from Allopathic Syndrome

Look no further than the FDA and CDC for the worst advice that not only causes and perpetuates Allopathic Syndrome, but for vaccine mandates and Covid protocols that put the nails in the coffin, literally, for millions of Americans. People think invasive medical procedures and prescription drugs are the ONLY way to “maintain” their quickly eroding health, and most of them just want to kill the pain, not themselves, but little do they know.

Now, the Covid vaccines are designed to catapult those preexisting “conditions” (Allopathic Syndrome) by clogging the blood, straining the heart, causing new cancers, and breaking down the nervous system. Even people in Congress are blowing the whistle on the allopathic syndrome injections.

Now, the Covid-vaxxed sheeple are suffering a new kind of chronic inflammation and immune system dysfunction like never before. The cure is to begin filtering all these toxins from your life. Ask a naturopathic physician for advice. Improve your exercise routine. Eat a plant-based, whole, organic, raw food regimen mostly. Drink filtered, safe, clean water. Ramp up your organic supplements.

If you or a loved one is suffering from Allopathic Syndrome, contact a naturopathic physician right away. Even a virtual consultation could work wonders for the changes that are needed to escape the syndrome, and do it naturally. Tune your internet to for huge swaths of truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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