New Mexico Supreme Court greenlights policy allowing illegal aliens to practice law

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Image: New Mexico Supreme Court greenlights policy allowing illegal aliens to practice law

(Natural News) Illegal aliens can soon practice law in New Mexico, thanks mainly to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s appointees in the state’s Supreme Court (SC).

The New Mexico SC has removed the citizenship requirement in a unanimous policy decision, allowing undocumented workers to become licensed lawyers in the mountain state through an amended set of rules governing admission to the New Mexico Bar Association. The original rule required applicants to be a citizen or a U.S. national, an immigrant with lawful permanent residence or an immigrant lawfully authorized to work in the state.

“The change in the licensure rule is grounded in the fundamental principle of fairness, and is consistent with New Mexico’s historical values of inclusion and diversity in its culture,” Chief Justice C. Shannon Bacon said in a statement.

The Democrat-dominated New Mexico SC, where Grisham appointed four of the five justices, said in the court document the usual requirements to practice law shall remain in force. Moreover, an applicant must still be law-abiding, including being in compliance with all child-support and spousal-support obligations imposed by a court.

Curt Levey, president of the Committee for Justice, commented that the SC’s decision seemed more “political” than “legal.”

“It strikes me as interesting that the Chief Justice issued a statement,” Levey told the Epoch Times. “Normally, the majority opinion would speak for itself.”

The ruling is based “on policy, which is the definition of judicial activism. Judicial activism is when you come up with an outcome-oriented decision based on the policies preferred by the judge or judges, rather than the law,” he said.


He added it is “bizarre” that in New Mexico, a person can stay in the state illegally, subject to arrest and deportation, and yet at the same time could represent as a lawyer another illegal alien who’s facing the same case.

Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce pointed out that SC is responsible for the atrocious action as it amended the rule without proper procedure and without public input.

“New Mexico’s high court has become authoritarian and appears to be operating outside the limits of its power. This latest rule will open our borders even more, and the Court seems to relish making arbitrary decisions without thinking about consequences. This Court has gotten out of control, and it believes it can do whatever it wants,” Pearce said.

New Mexico follows sanctuary states in “professionalizing” illegal immigrants

The state of California enacted a similar law signed by then-Governor Jerry Brown in 2013. Analysts are saying that following other states in “professionalizing” and allowing licenses to illegal aliens could be Grisham’s move to strengthen her campaign pillars in the upcoming November polls. New Mexico currently has an illegal alien population of nearly 120,000 or about 16 percent of the total state citizenry.

Grisham is facing a re-election bid against Republican candidate Mark Ronchetti, who has previously campaigned on implementing strict border controls for the state’s border with Mexico. The latter further vowed to create a “border enforcement force” to dismantle illegal immigration smuggling and drug trafficking into New Mexico.

The two candidates were statistically tied in the last gubernatorial election, where Grisham won over Ronchetti by just four percentage points. She remained under 50 percent, which is within the margin of error.

“Sanctuary states such as New Jersey and Colorado have passed laws that allow illegal aliens to secure professional licenses to become teachers, healthcare workers, and employees in other industries,” a Fox Metro News article stated. (Related: Former ICE official: ‘Biden has declared the entire country a sanctuary jurisdiction.’)

Sanctuary cities or states are communities with written or unwritten policy that discourages local law enforcement from reporting the immigration status of individuals unless it involves the investigation of a serious crime. These communities typically do not honor requests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain undocumented immigrants whom local agents apprehend for misdemeanor crimes or investigations.

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Watch the below video that talks about the Transportation Security Administration-approved travel of illegal aliens via planes.

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