WaPo Twitter meltdown accuses AG Garland of “politicizing” DOJ

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Image: WaPo Twitter meltdown accuses AG Garland of “politicizing” DOJ

(Natural News) In the wake of the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, The Washington Post is uncharacteristically speaking out against the Biden regime’s miscarriage of “justice.”

In a now-deleted tweet, the Post shared an article, the title of which speaks for itself: “Garland vowed to depoliticize Justice. Then the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago.”

That article accuses Attorney General Merrick Garland of “politicizing” the Department of Justice (DOJ), which we, too, have been saying is a problem for quite some time now.

Perhaps the Post is just jumping on the bandwagon of criticism following the spectacular backfiring of the raid. The whole thing was such an embarrassment that even the establishment is slinking away in shame or outright condemning the raid.

Senior DOJ officials have admitted on background that the raid did not produce the desired outcome. Trump and several high-ranking Republican officials have since attacked the FBI, and so did Eric Trump, Trump’s son.

According to Eric, the FBI violated due process by not giving his father’s lawyers a copy of the search warrant they procured. They only allowed them to view it from 10 feet away, Eric claims.

Cuomo, Yang both express “concern” about FBI’s raid on Trump estate

The Post is hardly the only non-right entity to speak out against the FBI raid. The fake news outlet was also joined by former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and former Democratic presidential loser Andrew Yang, both of whom expressed “concern” about the raid.


Those on the far-left are still trying to salvage the raid as being something good, including Dash Dobrofsky, an actor who tweeted that Garland and the Biden regime must be “directly over the target.”

Fox News, the Republicans, the Washington Post, CNN, and Andrew Yang are desperately trying to frame the FBI’s 30-Agent raid of Mar-a-Lago as a ‘win’ for Donald Trump,” Dobrofsky wrote. “The Fascist-apologists are extra loud today.”

Last we checked, CNN is hardly a “fascist-apologist” when it comes to dealing with Trump. Has the fake news outlet ever said anything positive about the former president? Perhaps Dobrofsky would like to share an example to back his claim.

Nevertheless, the Post was effectively bullied by the outrage mob into deleting the tweet condemning the FBI raid. The Jeff Bezos-owned fake news outlet then proceeded to retweet the article under a different, less “offensive,” headline.

Jay Rosen, a journalism professor at New York University (NYU), is one such hack who condemned the original Post headline, declaring it to be “painfully under-thought” because it “seemed to say that Garland was shifting course and unduly politicizing DOJ.”

Writer Parker Molloy also had a triggered meltdown on Twitter over the original Post headline, blasting the paper with angered vulgarity over its choice of words.

Washington Post, reporting in February: Hey, Trump stole a bunch of classified documents and brought them to Mar-a-lago.


In the comment section at 100percentfedup.com, one person pointed out that Garland, like many other aging dinosaurs in American government, does not appear to even be healthy enough to do his job.

“Garland looks sickly,” this person wrote. “Appearance of someone dying.”

“It is the effect of lifelong seething hatred of all mankind and inability to feel joy, gratitude, or kinship and indeed their utter disdain of it,” responded another.

“This is the pathology of high-functioning sociopaths – it is a common look among these types.”

The latest news about the bastardization of justice by the Biden regime can be found at Corruption.news.

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