Democrats preach about ‘overpopulation,’ but the reality is very different

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Image: Democrats preach about ‘overpopulation,’ but the reality is very different

(Natural News) We have all heard the stories about overpopulation and a looming crisis that it may pose. Many stories say that there are evil people out there who believe it so much that they are actively trying to reduce the population with various forms of policies and even potentially via nefarious means.

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You may recall the Georgia Guides Stones that were recently destroyed, where locals blamed conspiracy theories and promoted this idea of depopulation. One of the key points of the Georgia Guide Stones was, “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

Many in mainstream “Leftists” media have jumped onto this idea as well. Never let a good crisis go to waste to achieve even more government control. Correct? See Leftists’ preacher Bill Maher in his “New Rule” segment – “Let the Population Collapse,” in the video below, trying to scare you into these ideological depopulation policies.

Others say that the “population crisis” is a scam. Former Greenpeace President Dr. Patrick Moore says the elites have a “suicide pact” to reduce the world’s population. He goes on to say, “We’re now facing a situation where a huge number of very powerful organizations and elites at an international and at national levels are calling for policies that are basically a suicide pact. Basically a death wish of some sort.”

See in the video below, where Dr. Patrick Moore details these plans where though the ideological goals may be depopulation, it is a money-making scheme as well.


But what does the data say in terms of the world population?

Since the mid-1900s, the global population has followed a steep upwards trajectory. While much of this growth has been concentrated in China and India, researchers expect the next wave of growth to occur in Africa. As of 2019, for example, the average woman in Niger is having over six children in her lifetime.

At the opposite end of this spectrum are a number of countries that appear to be shrinking from a population perspective. To shed some light on this somewhat surprising trend, we’ve visualized the top 20 countries by population decline. See this in the chart below and learn more with a table that lists all countries in table form here.

Top 20 Population-Decline - 2022-07

The current thinking of our “elite” experts are telling us that the population will peak globally to about 10 billion on the planet by the year 2100. See this in the chart below and learn more here.


The following chart shows where the population growth will come from. The winner (or loser as it may be) will be Africa if the current trend in place continues. All other regions will be near stagnant or in decline.


Some believe our population has already stopped growing because of misleading media headlines about declining birth rates. The rate of population growth and average family size has been shrinking, but the total number of people added to the planet every year has, in fact, been increasing until recently.

For example, in 1950, the world population was 2.5 billion and grew at 1.9% per year, resulting in an absolute increase of around 47 million people. Today, the growth rate is less than 1% per year, but because our total population is more than three times larger, the absolute annual increase is more than 60 million people per year.

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