Spanish officials, law enforcers warn: Government’s energy-saving regulations could result in higher crime rates

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Image: Spanish officials, law enforcers warn: Government’s energy-saving regulations could result in higher crime rates

(Natural News) Spanish officials and law enforcers have warned that the government’s new energy-saving measures could result in higher levels of crime.

On August 1, the Spanish government greenlit the action plan to help reduce energy consumption in the country. The said plan introduced restrictions on using energy-intensive appliances in public places, such as limiting the minimum temperature of air conditioners to 80.6 F. The government also agreed to ban lighting in store windows past 10 p.m. local time and mandatory automatic door closers.

However, Community of Madrid President Isabel Diaz Ayuso has declared that the Spanish capital “is not going to switch off.”

“That generates insecurity and scares off tourism and consumption. It brings darkness, poverty and sadness, even as the government covers up the question of what savings it will apply to itself,” Ayuso said.

Marta Gonzalez, policies coordinator of the People’s Party, agreed with the regional chief. She added that pulling the plug on shop window lighting and outdoor lighting of public buildings could put women at risk. The country’s law enforcement agencies confirmed that turning off shop windows at 10 p.m. could encourage illegal activities.

Two heatwaves this summer have left the government scrambling to limit emissions by reducing energy consumption.

“Climate change kills: it kills people, as we have seen; it also kills our ecosystem, our biodiversity, and it also destroys the things we as a society hold dear – our houses, our businesses, our livestock,” Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said last month during his visit to regions that were heavily damaged by wildfires.


Spanish Ecological Transition Minister Teresa Ribera said the energy regulations would be maintained until November 2023.

Nearly all NOAA temperature stations fail to meet agency’s own standards

The climate change Sanchez talked about is actually a hoax. (Related: Climate change, diversity and equity: it’s ALL a scam.)

In the U.S., top free-market think tank Heartland Institute revealed in a report that 96 percent of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) temperature stations used to measure heat have failed to meet the agency’s own “uncorrupted placement” standards.

According to the research, the stations’ measurements are affected by urbanization such as proximity to asphalt, machinery and other heat-producing heat-trapping, or heat-accentuating objects. The institute compiled the report using satellite and in-person surveys of NOAA weather stations that contribute to the “official” land temperatures in the country.

“With a 96 percent warm bias in U.S. temperature measurements, it is impossible to use any statistical methods to derive an accurate climate trend for the U.S.” the team’s study director and senior fellow at the Heartland Institute Anthony Watts said. “Data from the stations that have not been corrupted by faulty placement show a rate of warming in the United States reduced by almost half compared to all stations.”

The research also revealed that an instruction of the same agency has been constantly violated.

“NOAA’s “Requirements and Standards for National Weather Service Climate Observations” instructs that temperature data instruments must be ‘over level terrain (earth or sod) typical of the area around the station and at least 100 feet from any extensive concrete or paved surface,'” Heartland Institute said in a press release. “All attempts will be made to avoid areas where rough terrain or air drainage are proven to result in non-representative temperature data.”

H. Sterling Burnett, director of the Arthur B. Robinson Center for Climate and Environment Policy at the Heartland Institute, said: “This new study is evidence of two things. First, the government is either inept or stubbornly refuses to learn from its mistakes for political reasons. Second, the government’s official temperature record can’t be trusted. It reflects a clear urban heat bias effect, not national temperature trends.”

Visit for more news related to climate change scams proliferated by the alarmists.

Watch the below video that talks about 50 years of failed “climate expert” predictions.

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