Sheila Holm tells Coach Dave Daubenmire: Deep State is in control of everything, including the Church – Brighteon.TV

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Image: Sheila Holm tells Coach Dave Daubenmire: Deep State is in control of everything, including the Church – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) The Deep State has risen to the top and is now in control of everything.

“There’s no difference in a Deep State. There’s no lines between Deep State church, Deep State law enforcement, Deep State justice, Deep State politics [and] Deep State entertainment. The Deep State is a thing. It has all risen to the top. It has been in control the whole time,” bestselling author Sheila Holm told Coach Dave Daubenmire during the July 25 episode of “Pass The Salt” on Brighteon.TV.

Holm, an internationally recognized conference speaker, noted that the Big Religion or Big Church that the Roman Emperor Constantine established a long time ago had been brought back. The pilgrims who settled in America knew the truth about it, she added.

Daubenmire explained that the pilgrims fled the Big Church in Europe because they didn’t want the government to control the Church.

“They were looking for a nation where the Church controlled the government. So they infiltrated the Church, took over the Church and now there is not much difference between the Church and the government anymore,” Daubenmire said.

Holm pointed out that the Church structure that people see now has nothing to do with the Heavenly Father’s feasts and festivals. She stressed that the true Church must have God’s wisdom and believers need to get close with the Heavenly Father.

“Believers must do things according to God’s plan and they need to get in touch with Him directly to know about everything that is happening,” she said. “The Deep State of the church is pervasive throughout the world.”


America has a divided Church

The Church in America is now made up of denominations that are designed to do nothing but divide the body of Christ. Daubenmire noted that there are many different churches in big cities, but they don’t communicate, organize, worship and serve together.

He said: “The American Church has turned into denominations or broken up parts of what was supposedly completely whole as a body of Christ.” (Related: Pastor Brandon Burden: The Church has to reengage back into culture – Brighteon.TV.)

According to Daubenmire, the control of the American Christian Church by evil men who turned the truth of God into a lie started with the separation between the Church and State in 1947. He added that it was all part of the grand plan to keep people in line by being part of Christian churches that don’t execute their spiritual mandate through the power of God.

Holm pointed out that the Church the people know now has been celebrating pagan feasts and festivals. She noted that most satanic rituals and sacrifices take place between December 24 and January 6.

The speaker and author also mentioned that Easter is actually the English word for Ishtar, who people worship and offer their own children to be a blood sacrifice on the altar. And the blood of those children would be used to decorate eggs that they would then eat and dance around.

“It’s the other kingdom. What we’re doing in the churches are paganism festivals. And Christ didn’t do any of this when he was on earth,” Holm said.

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