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Image: Coffee Talk with Wayne: There should be no middle ground when it comes to moral societal issues, such as the vaccine mandates – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) For Wayne Cook and Bob Sisson, people have to get away from the traditional concept of “spectator Christianity.” There should be no middle ground when it comes to ethical issues.

“It’s either the Word of God or the word of man. There are too many people that are relying on man’s ways, and man’s ways are not the way to go,” Cook said during the July 17 episode of his program “Coffee Talk with Wayne” on Brighteon.TV.

One of the hot ethical issues over the past year are vaccine mandates. Because of these mandates, it became easier for governments to vaccinate the majority of global population. Billions of people around the world have received the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

But the efficacy of these vaccines is questionable at best. And they don’t stop infections and transmissions.

Sisson, popularly known as Bob the Plumber, noted that Pfizer took over Israel by vaccinating everyone there. But people are dying left and right in Israel, he said.

Israel is widely considered as the ultimate proof that the COVID-19 vaccine experiment is a failure. Real-world studies conducted in Israel mostly show the vaccine’s inability to protect the population from the disease. (Related: Israel stands as greatest proof that COVID-19 vaccine experiment is a massive failure.)

Meanwhile, the U.S. intensified its own vaccine rollout as the number of cases soared during the last quarter of 2021 due to omicron.

Church leaders take different stance on vaccine mandates

Fortunately, there are people like Bishop Robert Brennan. He alleviated fears that the Diocese of Brooklyn might be locked down, saying in an interview that he is not considering closing churches because they already take special precautions to protect churchgoers against the spread of COVID-19.


“I think we’re in a very different place than we were in the spring of 2020. We know a lot more about COVID. And we know how we can mitigate some of those concerns,” he said at the time.

Church leaders have been responding to the vaccine mandates in various ways. Recently, the Archdiocese of Moncton, Canada, which was led by Archbishop Valéry Vienneau, announced that all people over the age of 12 attending church or other events would have to be vaccinated, but dropped the requirement after several days due to the uproar.

The Archdiocese of Chicago under Cardinal Blase Cupich, meanwhile, required all its employees to be vaccinated.

There are also Catholic leaders pushing back against the vaccine mandates. In Australia, Melbourne Archbishop Peter Comensoli opposed the reopening plan in the state of Victoria that only permits fully vaccinated people to attend public worship services.

“Religion is not the same as going to a sporting event or the theater. Different events have a different status, and the practice of one’s religion is a human right,” Comensoli said.

Still, Pope Francis has set broad support for public health measures from the beginning of the pandemic, and the Vatican itself imposed its own green-pass mandate that requires people to present their vaccine certificates. (Related: Pope Francis endorses coronavirus “vaccines for all.”)

So what does the Church actually think of vaccines? The vaccine mandate is among the most pressing issues in contemporary Catholicism.

For those who believe that abortion is a major moral issue and that no other concern could rival it, any degree of cooperation with the vaccine mandates reeks of hypocrisy – after all, the vaccines have been said to contain fetus cells.

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