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Image: Pastor Todd Coconato: A true believer exudes the fruit of the Spirit – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Pastor Todd Coconato knows a true believer of God when he sees one.

“An authentic believer, a real believer, is a person that exudes the fruit of the Spirit, because the Bible says you know them by their fruit,” Coconato said during the July 17 episode of the “Todd Coconato Ministries” on Brighteon.TV.

The speaker and evangelist said God gives believers a way to be known for their fruit by speaking the truth.

Coconato, a licensed and ordained minister, noted that people these days are living in a highly charged environment and that the enemies will use it to accuse the believers of wrongdoing. He cited as an example the constant arguments in social media.

“Christians must be able to understand and discern the times and be a watchman that allows people to know the truth,” he said. “We are the ones that are holding the line as the Body of Christ. We have to call what’s evil, evil. We got to call what’s good, good. Others out there in the world, they’re doing the opposite. They are calling what’s good, evil and what’s evil, good.”

He lamented the fact that the Church has stopped leading the way for decades now, leaving a vacuum that allowed a small minority to steer the narrative and move people away from biblical morality and common sense. “The Church has to be the one that sets the standard and the tone,” said Coconato, who is also the faith advisor and president of the Religious Liberties Coalition.

Christian believers must lead people to God

Just like pastors and ministers, true believers must lead people to God. Coconato said the visible fruits of the Spirit that the Holy Bible speaks about are the characteristics and traits Christians should show and exude. “Every Christian is continually maturing toward Christ’s likeness,” he said. “The Word of God helps believers to understand how the Holy Spirit guides them.”


The Word of God, according to Coconato, is a living manual for every believer.

“It’s something that if we’re going through a tough situation, if we’re going through a trial, if we’re going through a test – whatever it is, the Bible is the bread of light. It’s going to help you, it’s going to encourage you,” Coconato explained.

Coconato said Christians should also be able to look at things from other people’s perspectives. “The words we speak can be powerful and there is life and death in the power of the tongue,” he said.

The conference, church and faith-based event speaker mentioned that Christian believers must be wary of the words they speak because people are watching their lives and example. He added that believers in Christ, especially those in leadership positions, must have a higher standard and avoid the appearance of evil. “Christians must do their best to exude the fruit of the Spirit,” Coconato said.

The evangelist and minister noted that the spirit of the antichrist is on the rise with people getting “spiritually” attacked by their loved ones. (Related: Another sign of the times: Christian persecution is increasing all around the world.)

Coconato also said believers who are speaking the truth are going to be called a hatemonger. This is why Christians should train themselves to overcome the flesh or sinful nature, especially when they want to use hurtful words to other people.

He reminded believers that they must be led by the Holy Spirit aside from being wise and exuding the Spirit’s fruit.

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