Incompetent western nations invoke “doomsday” retaliation from Russia

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Image: Incompetent western nations invoke “doomsday” retaliation from Russia

(Natural News) As readers of this site know full well, the incompetent, suicidal leaders of the USA and NATO are following globalist orders and deliberately trying to provoke Russia to launch nuclear strikes against western cities. This will achieve the destruction of the USA and Western Civilization, allowing China and Russia to complete their quest for world domination while the United States collapses into a post-nuclear war hellzone.

The setup to accomplish this is simple: The USA hands Ukraine HIMARS missile systems. Already done. Next, the USA gives them long-range missiles that work with such systems. Ukraine then, as its military leaders are promising, uses those missiles to attack Russian military targets in Crimea, which Russia considers to be its own territory. In response, Russia launches a nuclear retaliation against western cities, knowing that western nations have zero defenses against Russia’s advanced nuclear weapons delivery systems such as the RS-24 YARS missiles, shown in the Brighteon video below:

In summary, western nations — run by socialist, suicidal idiots — are invoking a Russian nuclear retaliation on purpose. They seek the total destruction of the nations they claim to represent (USA, UK, Germany, France, etc.) and they find it easier to use Russian nuclear missiles to destroy their own nations compared to waging domestic wars on their own people.

In preparation for this nuclear war with Russia, the US embassy in Ukraine has ordered all Americans to evacuate Ukrainian soil as quickly as possible. In this official statement, the embassy, “urges U.S. citizens in Ukraine to depart now using privately available ground transportation options if it is safe to do so.”


Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, meanwhile, has issued a stern warning to Ukraine and the USA, telling them to stop being foolish idiots by threatening to strike Russian territory with western weapons. As is now reporting:

The leadership of Ukraine would meet their maker should they attack Crimea, as Russia would retaliate with a massive strike, the country’s former president has warned.

“Some exalted bloody clowns that are periodically popping up over there with some statements, and are even trying to threaten us – I mean an attack on Crimea and so on,” should be aware that the consequences of such an action would be severe for them, the Russian official said.

According to Medvedev, “in case something like that happens, the Day of Judgement will come to them all simultaneously – a swift and hard one.”

Western nations are fighting a PROPAGANDA war while Russia is fighting a KINETIC war

As I point out in today’s Situation Update podcast, below, while the USA and Ukraine are waging an information propaganda war, Russia is fighting an actual kinetic / physical war and winning at every step. While Ukraine’s corrupt, clownish president Zelensky thinks that you can win a war by floating fake stories like the “Ghost of Kiev” in propaganda media, Russia is rigorously pursuing an actual physical war where you win by taking and holding territory while eliminating enemy personnel along the way. In other words, Russia is winning in the 3D world, while the West is focused on winning the narrative.

Ultimately, the narrative means nothing, especially as one-third of Ukraine becomes Russian territory and the entire southern coastline of Ukraine is surrendered to Russian forces.

Yet we are told that Ukraine is still “winning” by retreating from territory and losing more men. If this is the definition of winning, then yes, men can also get pregnant. (Think of the west’s propaganda as “military transgenderism.”)

The West is wholly incapable of fighting Russia in any sort of sustained manner. The entire British Army, for example, is barely capable of fielding a single battalion, and as analyst Scott Ritter explains, that battalion would last barely a week in a sustained war with Russia. The US military, meanwhile, is far more interested in gender identity indoctrination than teaching soldiers how to win wars. With US military equipment hopelessly outdated — the USA still has no effective anti-air defenses against Russia’s nuclear ICBMs —  even the Pentagon is no doubt terrified of confronting Russia and parading America’s military failures on the world stage. Transgender training doesn’t win wars on the battlefield, it turns out, and America’s armed forces would be almost instantly obliterated in any real war with Russia.

Then again, America isn’t even trying to beat Russia. Its leaders are merely trying to get Russia to nuke the USA and Western Europe. Achieving that is a whole lot easier than defeating Russia in war, and it accomplishes the globalist goal of wiping out the United States of America which stands as the single biggest thorn in the side of the globalist agenda (thanks to the Second Amendment and the courage of the real Americans who still defend the Constitution).

I cover all these details and more in today’s Situation Update podcast here:


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