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Image: The Prather Point: Jeffrey Prather denounces Biden’s executive order that promotes murder of unborn babies – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Jeffrey Prather has denounced the executive order signed by President Joe Biden that seeks to promote the murder of unborn babies.

“Biden is putting out an executive order that will protect the right to murder unborn babies and so he is going to continue to do that. Why? Well, because the government and, I’m sure he makes a lot of money off the murder of the unborn babies,” Prather said during the July 8 episode of “The Prather Point” on Brighteon.TV.

“Just like fresh kill, freshly murdered baby corpses are sold freshly frozen to the FDA [Food and Drug Administration]. That is the darker economy of the Deep State. And he’s going to make sure that happens because the Democrats are losing millions of dollars with the overturn of Roe v. Wade.”

Biden’s executive order builds on the actions his administration has taken to defend reproductive rights, such as safeguarding access to reproductive health care services including abortion and contraception. (Related: To the horror of Leftists, Biden just admitted that abortion involves the death of a “child.”)

Prather, a retired special operations soldier, noted that the murder of the unborn through abortion has nothing to do with reproductive health care services and women have been fine after they have miscarried through the centuries. He added that the Deep State clowns don’t even believe women are women anymore.

Biden will not follow Supreme Court decision on abortion issue

According to Prather, this is a big inflection point because the fake president and his double are not going to follow the decision of the Supreme Court while they continue to run drugs, bring in illegal immigrants and terrorize the American people.


“Biden is going to push the murder of the unborn illegally against the Supreme Court decision, and this is leading toward a second American civil war through Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, Florida and many other states who are against abortion,” Prather said.

He also noted that America is based upon Judeo-Christian and Native American beliefs that value the life of a child and woman.

“And so this is going to further put a bright red line between this illegal, corrupt, baby-killing, drug dealing, terrorist-supporting government and the states which in time will go kinetic again. So you need to prepare for that and get your neighborhood watch teams,” said Prather.

The Brighteon.TV host also mentioned that the Biden administration recently announced a $3.2 billion deal to purchase 105 million doses of Pfizer Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines for a fall vaccination program with options to buy up to 300 million doses. The contract includes a combination of adult and pediatric doses.

The former intelligence officer noted that the Pfizer cartel funds all the major fake news networks, which is also financed by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Prather also talked about the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) introducing a Child ID app. He explained that the handy FBI app is where parents can store their child’s information, which would put child safety into the FBI’s hands.

The purpose of this FBI app, according to Prather, is to track or locate children through an artificial intelligence system. The retired special operations soldier added that the FBI wants “to track and recruit” openly using this “terrible thing.”

He said the FBI is clearly “geolocating, geofencing, tracking and contacting” all the people that they have used, such as the shooting suspects in Garland, Uvalde and Highland Park, and they want to do it now through the child app.

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