ALL covid vaccines destroy natural immunity, including in pregnant women and their babies

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Image: ALL covid vaccines destroy natural immunity, including in pregnant women and their babies

(Natural News) If you thought that the viral vector-based “vaccines” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) – these include the varieties offered by Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) and AstraZeneca – were safer than the novel messenger (RNA) ones from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, think again.

All of them, we now know, pose serious and unique risks, including in pregnant women trying to reproduce.

Marc Girardot from the Covid Myth Buster Series Substack reveals at length how both the mRNA / DNA and traditional attenuated injections for the Fauci Flu blast the circulatory system with nanoparticles – this is fully admitted in the Pfizer documents, by the way.

He also explains how the vast majority of cells penetrated by elements within the jabs are endothelial cells covering the lining of blood cells. All of these transfected cells will eventually be destroyed by the immune system over time as it targets the spike proteins and mRNA bits expressed on their surface.

If the shots are dispensed correctly into, and only into, muscle tissue, then the muscle will act as “a saline bag delivering an intravenous drug,” helping to create homogeneity. This would explain why some people seem to show no visible adverse reactions post-injection while others become seriously ill or die.

“(The) vasculature physiology of the Deltoid muscle inevitably means occasional accidental intravenous injection[s] are bound to happen – partial or full,” Girardot writes.

Covid jabs can destroy key protective barriers inside the body that keep things in their proper place

He goes on to explain how accidental intravenous injections damage specific areas of the body, often immediately or not long after injection. This would explain sudden clotting, for instance, or “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome,” as they are now calling it.


Concerning specific areas of the body most likely to be impacted (i.e., in the aorta or at the blood-to-tissue endothelial barriers), Girardot further reveals how and why the adverse reactions we are seeing get reported occur, and what they cause.

“Many protective strategic barriers exists throughout the body – for example, in the retina, the ear, the thymus (where T-cells specialise) and the bone marrow (where all immune cell originate) … and they coincide with many adverse events locations and pathologies we have witnessed such as blindness, blurred vision, tinnitus, transient acquired immune deficiency,” he writes.

These barriers exist for a reason, of course. And when they get broken, such as in the case of covid injections, disastrous consequences typically ensue, including the inability to get pregnant or successfully deliver a live baby to term.

“You don’t want your husband’s T-cells mixing with his sperm cells, or your wife’s T-cells mixing with her ovocytes … your chances of having a fertile couple will probably plummet else these tight barriers probably wouldn’t exist,” Girardot explains, putting it into simple terms.

“Evidently, if the blood-to-tissue barrier is broken, trespassing immune cells will end up where they shouldn’t be and will inevitably do their job, triggering the destruction of reproductive cells.”

Keep in mind that this can happen with all vaccines, not just the ones for covid. To varying degrees, all of these chemical poisons and the needles used to dispense them do a number on the human body and its delicate immune system. This would explain why autoimmune and other chronic illnesses have exploded ever since vaccines started getting mass marketed to an unsuspecting public.

“Any interruption or impediment to the normal development of the placenta will have serious repercussions on the baby,” Girardot warns about what vaccines can do.

“This is like waging war on the foetus by restricting his food supply and by risking destroying his cosy home … Sadly, we are witnessing many sinister signs that confirm the reality of this risk.”

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