Amazon employees demand banning of all books they don’t like

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Image: Amazon employees demand banning of all books they don’t like

(Natural News) The recent “Pride” flag-raising event at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle went sour after about 30 of its employees staged a “die-in” over the company’s continued sale of “transphobic” books.

Even though Amazon went out of its way to hoist a massive “rainbow” flag up in the air to celebrate yet another Pride month – because the West loves pride – these employees say that the multinational corporation has not done enough to burn books of which they do not approve.

According to Business Insider‘s Katherine Long, Amazon was in the process of conducting a Pride flag-raising ceremony when the group all laid on the ground as if dead while draped in transgender flags.

They did this, we are told, in “protest of [Amazon’s] continued sale of what they say are transphobic books.”

Long reported that organizers of the flag-raising event “several times attempted to quell the protest,” but to no avail. Angry transgenders with megaphones and masks (of course) were seen freaking out and raising a ruckus at the scene (Related: Remember when Elizabeth Warren demanded that Amazon ban all books containing truth about covid?).

No Hate at Amazon hates freedom of speech and truth itself

The situation continued to spiral out of control until eventually, Amazon called off the ceremony and ritual entirely. They simply could not get the trans die-ins to get up off the ground and stop screaming into megaphones so they just ended it.

In a follow-up article, Long reported that the 30 some-odd protesters are members of an internal Amazon activist group called No Hate at Amazon. They have grown increasingly “peeved,” writes The Western Journal‘s Grant Atkinson, “by Amazon’s refusal to ban books they don’t like.”


No Hate at Amazon, which ironically enough seems to be Amazon’s most hateful employee contingent, circulated a petition earlier this year demanding that the company immediately stop selling “anti-trans” books on its retail platform.

“Amazon has established a pattern of platforming and profiting from hate,” the petition read.

“Most recently, Amazon has started selling hateful books that attack transgender youth and has shockingly classified and promoted them as bestsellers in the LGBTQ+ category.”

The petition went on to claim that “Amazon workers, especially in the trans and LGBTQ+ community, are pushing to remove these books and others like them because they are directly hurting our community.”

The insertion of “and others like them” into this sentence suggests that No Hate at Amazon has many more books on its radar that it would like to burn if given the chance.

One of the books that No Hate at Amazon hates is called “Johnny the Walrus.” It is a children’s book written by The Daily Wire‘s Matt Walsh, and it exposes the logical flaws inherent in the idea that children can somehow choose to “identify” as whatever made-up gender they choose.

“I don’t think it’s at all unfair or hyperbole to draw a comparison between a boy pretending to be a walrus – which is my story – and a boy, a four-year-old boy or five-year-old boy, saying ‘I’m a girl,'” Walsh told the Journal back in November.

“It’s exactly the same kind of thing.”

Walsh’s choice of metaphor was intentional because he believes that it will help more parents to realize how dangerous it is to allow children to “change” their gender identity on a whim.

“I’m hoping that … later on, after they’ve been read this book, when they are introduced to those concepts, they’ll kind of understand the framework in which these things should be understood,” Walsh is further quoted as saying.

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